Logical Internal Link Building for SEO Benefits

There are numerous techniques you can use to boost the your website’s ranking in the search results. An excellent SEO strategy is optimizing your internal linking or cross linking of pages within your own website.

SEO Link Building in AtlantaInternal linking consists of posting strategic links throughout the content of your website. These cross links are used to connect pages on your website that have related or supporting content. Injecting internal links not only helps users to easily navigate your website, but benefits your internet marketing ROI by helping to bolster your search engine rankings.

The initial step to take when cross linking pages on your site is to thoroughly analyze the content of each web page on your site. By doing this, you can easily identify what pages would benefit from cross links to other pages on your site with related content. When building internal links, It is imperative to think like a user and not a developer or SEO. What additional content would a user benefit from reading on your website? The answer to this question will aid you in determining the most logical and strategic pages for internal link development.

Utilize contextual on-text links for your internal linking strategy. These on-text keyword links that are surrounded by relevant web copy will be linking to a page with similar keyword topics that are relevant to the link you have created.

Take into consideration that the destination page being linked to has related keywords that helps reinforce the relevancy and rankings to the search engines. It is critical to utilize these keyword phrases as the anchor text for the links to the related webpage. These anchor text links are critical for natural SEO rankings, as the link relevancy means more if the anchor text link is utilized throughout the destination page getting the cross link.

Developing internal cross links is beneficial not only for your search engine marketing success, but also for site users because it allows them to easily find information important to them on you website. Users will be able to access content that they are looking for by way of the internal linking structure you have put in place.

Organic SEO Triple Stack from Internal Cross Linking

These internal links also help to build rankings from an SEO standpoint by giving your webpages more exposure to the search engines. Often times, pages of similar relevancy within the same page that share a common cross link will create a double stack or show up directly next to each other in the search engine results page.

Now that you know the importance of internal cross linking, this strategy is like any other SEO tactic, and it is important not to go crazy with your internal linking structure. Be sure to cross link logically and steer clear of overstuffing your website with internal links or your website will not reap the benefits in the search results.