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Search First® Internet Marketing for Your Atlanta SEO Strategy

As the pinnacle to our Internet marketing services, organic search engine optimization (SEO) is the backbone to successful Atlanta SEO strategy. Organic SEO offers incredible, growth-enabling potential and a high-rate of ROI for all types of companies. Our services for organic SEO in Atlanta focuses on optimizing highly-relevant, pure-value content that draws in-market search traffic to your company’s website. But more than just quality traffic, our SEO services help companies generate a higher volume of pre-qualified leads and sales. In short, our Atlanta SEO services provide sustainable rankings that help businesses grow and thrive.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Management

As a well-versed Internet marketing and SEO company in Atlanta, one of the most powerful services that we to offer our clients is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. With the ability to gain search engine exposure on specific keywords and in specific locations, Google Adwords campaigns provide immense capabilities to target precise markets that are actively searching for your products or services. When combined with our Atlanta SEO services, PPC advertising can further maximize your company's search engine visibility and double your real estate in Google search.

Atlanta SEO Services Focused on Local Target Markets

Local SEO is one of the most cost-effective and highly-sought Internet marketing services offered by our Atlanta SEO company. Ideal for both small businesses and large companies with a local market focus, our local SEO services seek to improve your business's visibility in the Google Local listings, as well as Google Maps. In its very essence, local SEO strategies target search engine users who are looking for your product or service in your company's local area. Our Atlanta SEO experts can craft an impactful, hyper-local SEO strategy that enables your business to be better found in local search results.

Social Media Marketing That Amplifies Atlanta SEO

Social media marketing has become an incredibly-powerful means to inbound targeted consumers to your company's website. Further, social media platforms can help add a layer of credibility and authority to your online brand, which can dramatically support your SEO strategy. Unlike some Atlanta SEO companies, we remain on the forefront of social media, and our team of specialists devise comprehensive social media marketing services that combine elements of content marketing and SEO. Not only can we help establish and optimize your company's social media presence, but we can keep your brand active and engaged on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and SnapChat, to name just a few.

Search First™ Web Design Services for SEO in Atlanta

The foundation to a lead-generating SEO strategy starts by building a website that is search engine friendly. Our Atlanta SEO agency offers search first web design services that priortitize SEO-friendly website development, mobile responsivity, and conversion rate optimization (CRO). Unlike some local Internet marketing companies that provide Atlanta web design services, we provide far more than just custom websites with aesthetic appeal. Our team designs and develops websites with seamless HTML coding, structured data markup, CRO strategies, and unique content that speaks your company's brand. Whether you're looking to build a website from the ground up or need a mobile-friendly re-design, our local SEO company in Atlanta provides limitless web design solutions to meet your business' needs.

SEO-Driven Reputation Management Services

When it comes to SEO in Atlanta, few elements are more important than your company's local online reputation. From customer reviews on your Google My Business page to the top ranking content associated with your brand in Google's search results, SEO can play a pivotal role in optimizing your company's online reputation. As part of our SEO and Internet marketing services, we can help improve your company's online reputation to better portray a positive brand image that fairly represents your business.

Articles from our Atlanta SEO Company

2020 AMY Atlanta SEO Winner

Captivate Earns 2020 AMY Award for SEO

On June 25th, Captivate was named Atlanta Marketer of the Year (AMY) for the SEO category. The award was earned based on Captivate’s successful SEO campaign for Window Film Depot, a local Atlanta company that has expanded its national web presence with the help of Captivate’s Search First® Approach. As a finalist against local rivals Swarm Agency and Nebo Agency, Captivate proved that a small search marketing firm could outperform the work of much larger agencies.     

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