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These days, it seems like everyone’s selling something. That’s why in the hyper-competitive ecommerce landscape, storefronts need proven and effective marketing strategy. At Captivate, we know what it takes to stand out without shouting. Guided by our Search First® approach, we offer full-service ecommerce digital marketing.

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Profitable Ecommerce Starts with an Optimized Storefront

Profitable Ecommerce Starts with an Optimized Storefront

When it comes to operating a profitable ecommerce website, ensuring that the site is optimized with an easy-to-use UX is critical. Our experienced ecommerce digital marketing agency has designed and developed high performing Shopify and Woocommerce ecommerce storefronts for a variety of products. In short, we know what we’re doing.

  • Leverage buying-intent keyword research to optimize product category and landing pages
  • Utilize advanced structured data markup to generate featured snippets in the SERP
  • Merge exceptional UX/UI with inventory management, POS, and CRM software
  • Convert users to customers using conversion funnels, CTAs, and engaging product copy

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Organic Search Marketing

Ecommerce Digital Marketing with an SEO Foundation

Ecommerce Digital Marketing with an SEO Foundation

Search engines drive a massive portion of ecommerce sales. That might seem obvious, given that people search for what they want to buy. But how do you become the search result they find? Our ecommerce SEO strategies position your site to rank as high as possible under keywords in order to compete with larger online stores and brands, using both on- and off-site strategies.

  • Foster traffic-generating search visibility for keywords to outrank competitors
  • Audit existing pages, enhance rankability, and integrate product schema markup to improve on-site SEO for Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more
  • Harness social media marketing strategies and content marketing programs to expand off-site brand visibility

Ecommerce SEO Services

Paid Search Marketing

Drive Targeted Sales with PPC for Ecommerce Sites

Drive Targeted Sales with PPC for Ecommerce Sites

Paid search marketing offers unparalleled access to hyper-specific local and national customer demographics. Captivate leverages precise keywords for effective ecommerce PPC advertising, measuring performance and tweaking for ROI throughout your campaign.

  • Target precise keywords, audiences, and regions backed by extensive research and testing
  • Audit existing PPC campaigns to increase ROI and drive greater sales traffic
  • Combine search, retargeting, and display ads for a cohesive, wide-reaching paid search strategy

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Local Search Marketing

Amplify Ecommerce Content Across Social Media Channels

Amplify Ecommerce Content Across Social Media Channels

Hey, don’t forget to tell people about your stuff! On top of our effective SEO strategies, we offer social media approaches to hit your target audience. Our social team will work with you to craft compelling content to convert users on your feed, while practicing brand-appropriate community management.

  • Connect and communicate with target audiences, building brand awareness, equity, and trust
  • Further increase traffic and conversions to sales pages within highly-competitive ecommerce markets
  • Determine lucrative social avenues, including Facebook Ads, Instagram Shopping, and Pinterest Shopping

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Omnichannel Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Omnichannel Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

Like all things in life, success is found in diversity. The most effective ecommerce strategy merges SEO, PPC, and design opportunities to craft a cohesive approach for digital marketing. With our team of interdisciplinary marketing professionals, Captivate is positioned to deliver on all fronts.

  • Develop holistic, brand-focused ecommerce digital strategies, informed by thorough data
  • Craft articulate blog and article content, marketed across search, social, and email channels
  • Combine SEO and content strategy to drive successful product launches

Build a Digital Strategy

Ecommerce Digital Strategy Guided by Analytics Insights

Ecommerce Digital Strategy Guided by Analytics Insights

Without analytics, your ecommerce site lacks the data key to maximizing your return on investment. From custom analytics dashboards to to campaign audits, Captivate leverages analytics to power enthralling, precise ecommerce marketing.

  • Deliver relevant data through hand-crafted, custom analytics dashboards
  • Fix misconfigurations and faulty design within previous analytics accounts
  • Implement analytics into strategy with measurable KPIs, integrating data across analytics platforms

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Ecommerce Digital Marketing FAQs

What is ecommerce digital marketing?

In the most basic terms, ecommerce marketing is the process of creating awareness for your ecommerce storefront to drive traffic and convert users. For this process to be successful, digital marketing teams need to tackle several essential steps.

The search landscape offers online storefronts the most direct means to reach interested customers. As such, ecommerce marketing encompasses both SEO and PPC advertising to climb SERPs. Social media presents another essential marketing avenue, requiring unique strategies to drive traffic and build communities. Once users access your site, you need well-designed UI/UX to keep them shopping and entice purchases.

To stay on top of trends, all forms of ecommerce marketing should be driven by analytics. At Captivate, we combine all of these steps for a complete approach to search marketing.

What's the best ecommerce marketing platform?

There are plenty of intuitive ecommerce platforms online, including holistic platforms such as Shopify and WordPress plug-ins such as WooCommerce. The challenge of building an appealing ecommerce site comes from knowing how to design within these tools. Captivate’s team hosts skilled ecommerce web designers, able to craft engaging, optimized sites for any platform.

What is the difference between ecommerce and digital marketing?

Ecommerce refers to any commercial transaction ushered through an online platform. For example, any purchase on Amazon would be an ecommerce transaction. Digital marketing, meanwhile, references any form of brand marketing executed in a digital space. The method is used to attract customers for online and in-person storefronts alike.

While digital marketing is useful for all types of brands and businesses, digital marketing for ecommerce can directly and immediately translate to sales. As such, digital marketing is of the utmost importance within ecommerce marketing.

How are analytics used in ecommerce?

As with any business, analytics drive ecommerce sales and marketing strategy. Skilled digital marketers leverage data to drive web design, content marketing, product organization, and far more. At Captivate, we back all of our decisions with analytics to ensure our plan drives the greatest ROI for your business.