Local SEO Delivers Nearly 2K Leads for Personal Injury Firm

Our agency's innovative SEO strategy harnessed the power of long-tail keywords to reach Apolinsky & Associates, LLC’s ideal clients, resulting in years of organic search rankings and traffic growth.

Key Objectives

Drive Qualified Leads

Reach Hyper-Specific Audiences

Narrow Keyword Scope

Grow Domain Authority

The Project Background

The legal environment is among the most competitive landscapes for local SEO search visibility. For Atlanta personal injury attorney Stephen D. Apolinsky, that rings true.

Located in the heart of Decatur, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC specializes in personal injury, wrongful death, and premises liability cases due to negligent security. The firm narrows its focus on catastrophic injuries during major car and truck wrecks, as well as injury due to violent crimes like shootings, stabbings, and assault.

Competing in SEO for these types of qualified case leads can be both difficult and costly, particularly in Atlanta where the pool of attorneys is vast. As a smaller law firm, Stephen D. Apolinsky could only invest a small percentage of what other larger firms typically budget for digital marketing.

So we had to get innovative in our approach.

Captivate Project Background

The Project Challenge

The competition in this world is fierce. Apolinsky had to contend with his local search landscape, various lawyer directories such as FindLaw.com, Superlawyers.com, and Justia.com, and a bevy of paid search ads. To stand out in this dense environment, Apolinsky needed a well-designed SEO and content marketing strategy.

Mapping keywords required meticulous selection and targeting. Seemingly relevant and popular search queries for car accidents, premises liability, and negligent security cases presented diverse new case leads. Meanwhile, Apolinsky only handles cases in need of highly experienced legal counsel.

Given the sensitive and extreme nature of Apolinsky’s core cases representing victims injured due to negligence, Captivate needed to create an SEO and content marketing strategy to mindfully address these topics while getting in front of users needing legal help. To supplement the SEO strategy, we also managed the firm’s Google Ads campaigns.

Key Issues

Broad, Versatile Keywords

Sensitive Content Matter

Incredibly High Competition

Low Domain Authority

The ROI Focused Solution

Using our Search First® methodology, Captivate combined extensive keyword research with relevant search themes to instruct AA-Legal’s SEO and content marketing strategy.

For on-site SEO, we combined data surrounding core practice areas (I.E., premises liability, accident injury, nursing home neglect, etc.) with bottom-funnel modifiers like “attorney,” “lawyer,” and “law firm.” We also developed annual blog content calendars, comprising 1-2 posts per month focused on long-tail question-based queries about unique legal situations.

Captivate grew AA-Legal.com’s domain authority with an ongoing link prospecting and outreach effort. We secured several off-site publications on behalf of Apolinsky, thus generating targeted backlinks and greater SEO potential.

Combining this with a well-defined content strategy designed around creating valuable articles targeting victims who experienced specific injury types significantly moved the needle for AA-Legal.com.

Captivate Project Bg
Captivate Project Bg
Captivate Project Bg
Captivate Project Bg
Captivate Project Bg
Captivate Project Bg

The Results

As one of Captivate’s flagship local SEO clients, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC successfully extends into many different channels, including paid search and social media. See the impact our Local SEO work has made.


Live Chat

Organic Conversions

Live chat leads generated by organic SEO traffic.



Blog SEO Converters

Organic leads from users entering on a blog article.


Lead Forms

Organic Converters

Increased conversions on blog related content.



Organic Traffic

Sessions more than doubled (2.6K to 5.4K) in 2018 vs 2017.



Organic Traffic

Site-wide organic traffic jumped from 5K to 8K in 2019 vs 2018.



Organic Traffic

By End of May 2022, organic traffic has nearly doubled again.

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