Increase Your Google Local Search Rankings With Image SEO

In the Google local search listings (accompanied by the map and little push pins,) there are numerous ways to increase the ranking of a business. One SEO technique that many webmasters and search marketers fail to exercise is image SEO.

It’s true. Beyond simply optimizing text-based content, you can also take advantage of keyword optimizing images.

In this brief blog post, you’ll learn the simple best practices process of optimizing images in a few simple steps. As a result, you can increase the local SEO value of your website as well as your business’s Google+ Local page.

7 Steps to Optimizing Your Images

Below are seven easy steps to properly optimize images. You’ll want to perform this process before uploading images to your website, Google+ Local page, or any other web property that contains SEO value (i.e. Yelp page, Bing Local page, etc.)

During this example, we use the local keyword phrase “dentists in Atlanta.”

Step 1. First, be sure to name the image with a file name that matches the keyword phrase you’re targeting. In this case, a good file name is “dentists-atlanta.jpeg” Also be sure to save the image as as .JPEG or .JPG file (.PNG and other image file extensions will not enable you to properly optimize the image’s properties (which we describe in the next step.)

Step 2. Locate the folder in which the image is contained. Right-click the image file and select “Properties.”

Google Local Image SEO General Properties Tab

Step 3. Within the image’s properties, you should see the optimized file name under the “General” properties tab. Where the true SEO potential lies is under the “Details” tab.

Step 4. Under the details tab, you should see blank fields for Title, Subject, Tags, and Comments. Here you simply populate each field with respect to the keyword phrase (which in this case is “dentists in Atlanta.”

Google Local Image SEO Image Details

Step 5. In the Tags field, include variations of your keyword phrase, such as “atlanta dentist” or simply “dentists.” Give the image a 5 star rating, and if you or your client owns the image, you can add an Author.

Step 6. Once you have optimized these image, click “Apply” and you’re pretty much done!

Step 7. The last step is to upload the optimized image to a specific web property. If uploading the image to a website, you can add an ALT tag in the image’s HTML. This stands for alternative text (for users who can’t view the image, but can get a contextual description of what the image is.) Assuming the image is dentist, you can label the ALT tag as “Atlanta dentist” or something that makes logical sense.

In a competitive local search market like Atlanta, many businesses and professionals need every edge they can get. This simple process should be now be integrated in your local Atlanta SEO tactics. Do this before uploading images to any web property you wish to maximize local SEO value and ranking potential.