Local PPC Case Study: CurrentPixel.com

Client: Current PixelCurrent Pixel PPC Case Study

Industry: Media & Technology

Website: https://currentpixel.com/

Campaign Type: PPC Campaign Optimization & Management

Project Background

As part of a comprehensive Internet marketing program, Captivate Search Marketing unveiled a multilayered search marketing campaign for Current Pixel focusing on both local and national markets. The program included PPC campaign optimization and management, as well as ongoing SEO services for CurrentPixel.com. Specializing in a wide range of media conversion services in Atlanta, Current Pixel started with Captivate in Q4 of 2016, beginning with PPC optimization and later launching a new, SEO-friendly site on March 1st, 2017.

The Project Challenge

The greatest challenge for Current Pixel was generating a higher volume of conversions but at an affordable cost per acquisition (CPA). In Q3 of 2016 before starting with Captivate, Current Pixel was spending over $3,000 per month in both Google Ads and Bing AdCenter. Based on the volume of conversions during this period, Current Pixel was spending a hefty $127.50 per acquisition (CPA or cost per conversion).

As to be expected with such a high CPA, both the Google Ads and AdCenter accounts were poorly organized and had numerous inefficiencies. For one, ad groups contained far too many irrelevant keywords, so one ad was attempting to serve a wide range of users with varying intent. Additionally, the primary form of keyword bidding was broad match. This alone was causing Current Pixel’s ads to trigger for unwanted queries.

The strategy to overcome these initial inefficiencies would demand re-organizing the account’s campaign and ad group structures, all while overhauling the keyword bidding strategies to be more precise. Further, the launch of a new, optimized website would offer new and improved landing pages with relevant content and calls to action.

The ROI Focused Solution

Captivate Search Marketing would commence operations by developing new ad campaigns for each major service type or media format that Current Pixel offers.

PPC case study campaigns

Each of these primary campaigns would then open the door to a number different ad groups that targeted specific media types and conversion solutions. This very granular structure of highly-focused ad groups would help maximize ad relevance and keyword quality score.

google ads ad groups

In turn, Current Pixel would see a dramatic reduction in cost per click (CPC) and higher ad placements at a lower premium. This account reorganization strategy would also include precision based bidding strategies, ad split testing, and use of ad extensions, all on the ad group level. Google Ads keywords

In overhauling the keyword bidding for each ad group, the only match types to be used were exact match, phrase match, and broad match modifier (or a combination of these match types). In other words, the exclusive use of broad match bidding would be omitted entirely.

Captivate Search Marketing also implemented and monitored ongoing split testing of both expanded text search ads and ad extensions. In doing so, each ad group would have 2-3 ads running at once, and after enough statistically relevance was earned, the top performing ad would remain running while a new variation would replace the lesser performing ad.

Captivate Search Marketing would also help Current Pixel exhaust all opportunities in using ad extensions. In just the first couple months, ad groups had successfully activated five ad extensions, helping to maximize ad size, relevance, and click-through rates. These included: Sitelinks extensions, Callout extensions, Structured Snippet extensions, Location extensions, and Call extensions.

PPC case study ad extensions

All Google Ads and AdCenter PPC campaigns would begin by targeting a very specific geographic area surrounding metro Atlanta. After the launch of the new website in March 2017 (which contained shipping information and “Ship Your Order” calls to action), Current Pixel would expand certain campaigns to reach the entire state of Georgia.

The Results

In a Year-over-Year summary looking at Google Ads KPI’s alone, Captivate Search Marketing was able to help Current Pixel:

  • More than double the volume of conversions, increasing total unique conversions by 113%.
  • Reduce total ad spend by 48% while increasing the volume of clicks by 13%. In other words, Current Pixel experienced more traffic at a significantly less overall cost.
  • Cut in half the average cost per click from $4.87 down to $2.48, a 49% reduction in CPC.
  • Reduce CPA (or cost per conversion) by 71.6%, dropping an average CPA of $107.75 down to $30.60 per unique conversion.
  • More than double the volume of phone calls generated from PPC by 114% increase. 

A driving metric behind the incredible returns and efficiency improvements was ad CTR, which translated in significantly higher keyword quality scores and ad relevance. Which monthly highs averaging between 8-9% CTR’s for all active campaigns, some popular ads were seeing upwards of 14-15% CTR’s.

PPC case study click through rate

Based on recent strategies, Captivate Search Marketing has helped Current Pixel leverage opportunities in bidding on branded competitor terms, like nationally-recognized Legacybox and iMemories. The ads for these campaigns emphasize the value in choosing a local specialist over a large corporate brand. As a result, both of these campaigns have been a massive success, generating a substantial amount of conversions with a CPA as low as $9 per conversion.

Competitor Google Ads Campaigns

Lastly, based on new features available with Google Ads, we have been updated the account to take advantage of new expanded text ads. This includes a third headline and second description line (with descriptions now expanded to a 90 character max.) As part of including new ad creative based on these new features, we’ve also been capitalizing on the growing popularity of mobile search by leveraging device-based bid adjustments.

Google Mobile Ad

Current Pixel continues to gain incredible traction, not only with PPC advertising, but also with SEO and increased organic search visibility.