3 Reasons Your Company Needs a Mobile Web Design

Company Needs Mobile Web Design
So you’ve taken your business to the next level, invested in a killer, professionally optimized website, and you’re climbing the rankings and getting in front of your targeted consumers.

While you might think your investment is working in top form, there’s one segment of your marketplace that you didn’t take into consideration, and it’s a big one that is growing by the day – mobile consumers.

Now that mobile platforms, specifically smart phones and tablets, are now becoming the norm, business owners must understand that their Internet-based marketing, promotions, and other business-related activities must have a mobile presence. If you are an online entrepreneur or a business operator who has not yet ventured into mobile web design, here are three good reasons why you should:

The Emergence of the Mobile Market

Although desktop users still comprise the lion’s share of Internet users, mobile web surfers are now increasing in numbers and are expected to increase as more intelligent and advanced tablets and smartphones are produced.

Mobile Web DesignRecent studies have revealed that over 55 percent of Americans own smartphones with – each of which have mobile Internet browser access. These users are searching for information on local providers of products and services via their mobile phones and tablets.

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, says that the rise of mobile internet users is eight times faster than the first wave of desktop users.

Your Website Looks Like Crap on Smartphones

Unless you’ve planned ahead for the mobile market and had your web designers build a responsive desktop site, it’s likely that your company’s website looks like crap on a smartphone.

Desktop web designs have different design and coding standards, making them render the whole version of your site on the tiny space provided by mobile platforms. This makes the text and navigation of your website illegible unless it’s zoomed in on, making for a frustrating user experience.

Having a website designed for mobile device makes a much nicer and more professional impression on mobile users.

Mobile Internet is Pro-Local

If you have a business that caters to a centralized local area, having a mobile website design is essential. Studies have found that of the all the Google searches conducted on mobile devices, nearly 60 percent of them were done looking for a local product or service.

If a user in your local market does a search for one of the products or services that you have to offer and then clicks to land on your site from their mobile device, not having an easy-to-navigate mobile site is sure to lead to higher bounce rates, and lower conversion rates. Having a mobile site will greatly enhance your company’s presence in the local market.

These three reasons for needing a mobile website are highly compelling for savvy businesses who have made the investment in Internet marketing.

If your company hasn’t yet gone mobile friendly, give our website design and Internet marketing experts a call today or fill out the contact form at the right to schedule a free consultation.