How Local Business Results Are Shown On Google Search

Depending on the keyword query, there are many different ways in which local business results are shown on Google search. Below we go into greater detail behind the types of search results that local businesses can leverage for greater visibility.

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Pay Per Click Section (Google Adwords)

Pay Per Click Section On Google

The Pay Per Click (PPC) section in Google shows ads from businesses in your area who are bidding on keywords. The only way to get in this section is to pay/bid with other businesses. Depending on the competition of the industry you are in, some industries pay up to $120 per click and higher. Not only do you have to pay per click but you also have to pay the PPC management company a fee to optimize and manage your account. You can run these PPC campaigns yourself but you should let an local SEO company manage your campaign if you aren’t very experienced with PPC.

Google Local Listing Section (Google My Business)

Google My Business Listing Section On Google Search

The Google local listing section, also known as Google My Business Listing section, is the most important place to have your business listed. Most clicks or calls come from this section. Although, the competition in this section is fierce! The trick to ranking highly in this section is “white hat SEO”, content marketing, and getting reviews. As you can see below, we are still ranking in the #1 spot even though we have less reviews than our competitors. Proving that you don’t have to have more reviews to rank higher. 

Organic Search Section (Organic Listings)

The organic listings are you last chance to get clicks to your site. Most people are going to use the listing section but sometimes the listings don’t have enough information to make sense to the searcher. The organic listings make it easier to understand exactly what type of product or service you offer. These results are pulled straight from the pages on your website.

Organic Business Listing Section On Google Search

Can I get My Business Listed In These Sections?

Yes you can, you can either do it yourself or let an expert help set these listings up for you. We suggest having experts set these up correctly, the first time. Without expert advice, you may end up spending a ton of money on irrelevant clicks, wasting time on keywords that don’t get you traffic etc. See below about the factors Google uses to grade your local business site.

How Is My Local Business Site Graded By Google?

Google looks at a number of factors to grade your website. Here are the most important factors you should be aware of to get a good Google Score.

Content & Text On Pages – Have you ever heard the phrase “Content Is King?” Well that statement is more true now than ever. Google wants to see that you have unique, quality written content that gets traffic. Wasting your time making 500 word blog posts? Yeah we did that for a while too until we realized that 500 word posts will never rank and only dilute your SEO strategies. Posts of 750+ words are recommended.

Links Matter – The amount/quality of links you have pointing to your site is very important. Sometimes the single factor holding a site back from ranking over their competitors is “links”. The best way to get a good grade from Google is to have high Domain Authority Links pointing to your site. How do you get high DA authority links? Hire us!!

Easy Reading Score – Google wants your page to be readable by 8th graders and below! Yeah, we know that sounds crazy but people aren’t all that bright these days. Most internet users have a 8th grade reading level or above.

Is your Website Mobile Friendly? – Google started penalizing sites who are not mobile friendly. If your site is not responsive, you may be in trouble. Also, Google is starting to way more heavily on AMP (accelerated mobile pages). AMP pages are simply stripped down versions of your pages that load extremely fast. Do you know how to install AMP pages on your site? We do!!

Headings Are Important – Headings can either tell Google you are the exact match they are looking for or completely confuse them and earn you lower rankings. Are you using your heading tags properly? Do you know which ones you should be using the most? It can be confusing at first, but let our experts guide you through proper usage of heading tags!

Competition – Have a lot of competition in your area? You are going to have a tough time beating out your competitors unless you know what type of content you need, where to get links from, and how to rank in a high competition field. Our local SEO experts know exactly what you need to beat out high competition businesses in any industry!

Thank you for reading “How Local Business Results Are Shown On Google Search”, stay tuned for more from the experts at Captivate Search Marketing.