Conductor Study: Atlanta SEO Market #5 for SEO Jobs in U.S.

Have you heard the news? According to research done by Conductor, Atlanta ranks in the top 5 cities in the United States for SEO career opportunities.

Compared to last year’s top cities for SEO jobs, Atlanta experienced a boost from #10 in the U.S. to the #5 spot in 2016.

Atlanta SEO: Top Cities for SEO Jobs

Fueled by an insurgence of tech industry job growth, Atlanta also ranks as one of the top 10 “momentum markets” in the U.S. for technology-driven demand (according to a new research report, “Scoring Tech Talent,” by CBRE, which ranks 50 markets throughout the U.S. according to their potential to attract and grow tech talent.)

Also shown in the CBRE research study, Atlanta’s talent growth rate from 2010-2013 was 21.2%, making the city the sixth fastest growing tech market out of the top 10. But there’s more to the thriving ATL market that’s stimulating growth of SEO and tech-centric careers.

Propelling the Influx of SEO-Driven Tech Talent

So what other variables are influencing the heavy influx of SEO-driven tech talent in Atlanta?

Compared with the other cities ranking the top tech talent list (i.e. San Francisco, New York, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Washington, D.C., etc.,) Atlanta hosts the lowest cost of living and apartment rents. Further, Atlanta’s occupancy costs and overall cost of doing business is significantly less than other top tech markets.

In addition to the lowest overall cost of living and cost of doing business, the city’s educational attainment rate is upwards to 47% (a measure based on the amount of individuals at least 25 years old who have a bachelor’s degree or higher.) The culmination of these factors project Atlanta’s tech attraction to further pick-up momentum.

Atlanta: Where Creativity Meets Technology

There are more proponents to the economic stimulation of Atlanta that stem beyond tech. According to Site Selection magazine, a leading economic development publication, for the third consecutive year the state of Georgia has been named the #1 state in the U.S. to do business. The three-peat was such a big deal that Gov. Nathan Deal announced the news publicly.

Atlanta Film Industry Economic GrowthCreative and artistic markets have been strong players in the city’s economic momentum. Touted as the Hollywood of the south, Atlanta has hosted over 140 films and TV shows, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

In 2015, film production companies invested over $1.7 billion on 248 projects in Atlanta, a notable increase from the $1.3 billion spent in 2014 (which already exceed the city’s 500% increase from 2008.)

Featured in Atlanta’s explosive film and TV growth, by the numbers, a story from AJC, a reputable Atlanta new paper, Gov. Nathan Deal was quoted saying “Whatever sacrifice we make in revenue on the tax credit, we more than make up for through the multiplier effect of economic development,” referring to Georgia’s 20% tax credit to film projects with at least a $500,000 production budget which was offered in 2008.

Local SEO Stimulation in Atlanta

With technology on the forefront of city’s commercial market, businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups are taking advantage of Atlanta’s localized SEO talent.

When you do a Google search for “SEO in Atlanta” you’ll discover a plethora of SEO agencies battling for business in the city’s thriving digital marketplace. While some of Atlanta’s SEO companies offer sketchy, high-turnaround marketing solutions, others are executing highly-creative and intelligence-driven SEO campaigns that truly transform the scope of business for their clients. As one of the fastest emerging SEO companies in Atlanta, Captivate Search Marketing, prides itself on doing business the right way for our clients.

The Atlanta SEO scene continues to thrive as economic stimulation invigorates the city on all synapses. With technology and other markets seeing exceptional growth, we can expect to see Atlanta’s local SEO community to become a strong contender against other Silicon Valley-esque rivals.