Social Media Marketing Atlanta

While there are a number of agencies that offer social media marketing in Atlanta, few provide the integrated capabilities like Captivate. Social media marketing services are rarely an exclusive component to client strategy. Rather, elements of content marketing, SEO, email marketing, and other channels applied in a unified cross-channel manner. In turn, we leverage social media marketing holistically to help our clients expand their reach, attract new followers, earn new customers, and grow their business.

Social Media Marketing Atlanta

As a premier social media agency in Atlanta, we at Captivate specialize in many different platforms. We can help your company leverage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media channels as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy. As a result, your business can experience profound growth in more ways than one. From greater user engagement and follower growth to increased domain authority and search engine rankings, we provide custom-tailored social media marketing services that look at the complete picture of your company’s web presence.

Comprehensive Social Media Marketing Services

Like all solutions our agency provides, our social media marketing services are always unique per client. Some businesses thrive using social media advertising services to reach new audiences and drive in-market traffic to their site. Other companies need help with social media community management and staying on track with their audience. Whatever the case may be for your business, we can help design the optimal set of strategies that align with your marketing goals and budget.

In addition to your company’s website and the content you publish, the central focus of our social media marketing services is the platforms in which you and your audience is most active. These platforms often include, but are not limited to the following.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is perhaps the most popular social media platform in terms of mobile and desktop users. For this reason alone, Facebook marketing is practically a must for any businesses with an active online presence. Whether you’re interested in local social media marketing in Atlanta, or have an international reach in select countries around the globe, the beauty of Facebook marketing is that you can target specific audiences segments geographically, demographically, and psychographically. Facebook offers robust targeting capabilities that enable advertisers to target users with specific interests, behaviors, and careers. And beyond advertising, your business can leverage Facebook organically to attract new followers and engage with potential customers. Learn more about our Facebook marketing services.

LinkedIn Marketing

If you’re business is entrenched in the professional world of consultants, strategists, or niche industry experts, then LinkedIn marketing is social media avenue worth leveraging. LinkedIn is a great platform to promote content that offers valuable insight as to what your company offers. Perhaps you provide a particular service or unique product that suits a specific need. On LinkedIn, you make your offering known with relevant industry professionals, and in a meaningful way. Further, more and more businesses are using LinkedIn for recruiting and acquiring the right help they need to grow. Learn more about our LinkedIn marketing services.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram has exploded into a mobile-centric social media platform that offers massive marketing potential. As one of the most engaging platforms based on its visually-focused medium, businesses and brands can thrive with Instagram as part of their content marketing strategy. From sharing alluring Instragram Stories to making posts that provoke users and inspire action, Instagram marketing lends to a high level of traffic potential with limitless boundaries. It can also be used in conjunction with other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Learn more about our Instagram marketing services.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter presents a massively under-utilized opportunity for businesses to cultivate valuable relationships with their targeted audience, converting them into brand advocates and repeat customers. What’s required, however, is an integrated Twitter marketing campaign that hinges on consistent creation of original, engaging content that attracts followers and converts them into customers. In turn, you can cultivate a wealth of loyalty and trust, which can help facilitate shareability, linkability, and SEO. With creative outreach, meticulously-sourced tweets, and a touch of wit, it takes a conscious and concertive approach to making the most of Twitter marketing. Learn more about our Twitter marketing services.

Snapchat Marketing

Snapchat has quickly blossomed into one of the largest social media networks for visual-based content sharing. In turn, many businesses and brands are finding an interest in Snapchat marketing to engage with their audiences. However, few businesses understand how to leverage it correctly.  From creating inspiring stories that resonate with users to growing your followership into something massive, Snapchat offers incredible potential to connect with users in a fun and engaging way. Learn more about our Snapchat marketing services.

Our Agency’s Social Media Marketing Methodology

There are many options out there when considering where to build your social media presence.  It’s important to have a strategy for choosing which social media channels will be the best for your business and will deliver the greatest return on your investment.  The number of channels you’re active in should depend on several other factors besides your budget and resources.

What Are Your Business Goals?

It doesn’t make sense putting the effort into marketing on social media if it won’t help you achieve a specific goal or objective. Do you want to build an audience? Drive traffic to your website? Increase brand awareness? Generate leads for your sales team? Declare these goals upfront and they will guide you towards the right channels.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

You have to first understand your potential customers and then determine the social media channels where they are the most active. And whether you’re narrowing your efforts with social media marketing in Atlanta, or leveraging each channel on a national scale, determining the geographic scope will also help define the optimal social platforms worth pursuing.

How Well Do You Know The Platform?

It is extremely important to understand the differences between each channel (channel, platform and network can be used interchangeably here) and to customize your content.  One size does not fit all!  Each social media channel has specific nuances that you must use to your advantage if you’re going to be successful. Our social media marketing agency can help you implement the systems and strategies to execute seamlessly.

Where Are Your Competitors Active?

Pay attention to where your competitors are having success. Look at the frequency and type of content they post. Doing this will give you an opportunity to identify areas where your competitors can improve and allow you to capitalize on those gaps.

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Ready to explore the possibilities of an integrated social media marketing campaign? Whether you have an established presence that needs help, or are building from the ground up, our Atlanta social media marketing agency can provide the optimal scope of services to help you realize greater success online.