The Power of Paid Social Media for SEO Purposes

paid social media for seo purposes

The use of paid social media for SEO purposes is nothing new. Many search marketers are slaying it by boosting resourceful content to incredibly targeted audiences. In turn, they’re driving more traffic, engagement, and links to their sites – all of which are SEO factors that impact rankings.

I wanted to scribe a quick perspective piece underscoring the value in paid social media for SEO. Not only are we starting to do a lot of it here at Captivate, but I believe the “paid social SEO strategy” to be naturally intuitive to most creative and open-minded search marketers.

As for the closed-minded SEO’s, well… they don’t have time for social media. And probably no time for blogging either.

Serving Users is Serving Google

With advancements in voice search technology, greater value in long-tail keywords, and Google becoming more user-centric than ever, SEO’s have a lot of trends they can capitalize on.

Let’s face it. Without massive domain authority, it’s hard to rank the pages of your site for highly competitive search queries. For instance, those selling vegan protein powders online are going to have one hell of time ranking their products and categories for “vegan protein powders.”

A cursory glance at the first page of search results comprises of informative articles, blogs, reviews, and a couple popular brands.

vegan protein powders

See the trend here? Google is striving to serve users the best and most relevant content around the subject “vegan protein powders.” While Google Shopping and PPC ads appear above these results, the organic listing you see here is the byproduct of resourceful content that resonates with users.

Create a Content Strategy Around Solution-Oriented Long-Tails

Ahhhhh, yes. Solution-oriented long-tails.” The bread and butter of paid social SEO strategies.

To best articulate the definition and value of solution-oriented long-tails, allow me to dovetail on the previous example. While the typical plant-based blogger or ecommerce retailer might not rank for “vegan protein powders,” there’s a goldmine of opportunities in long-tails.

paid social media for seo long-tails

For instance, the phrase above “best vegan protein powders for weight loss” gets about 1,000 searches a month. That long-tail sure would make for a great blog post, video, infographic, or all three (depending on how bad they want to own it.)

This concept spans into just about any industry or market niche. Google users want top-tier content that’s going to educate, inform, and instruct their decision making. And Google wants to give it to them.

Using long-tail keyword data (via the Keyword Planner) is one of the best ways to inspire topics that will resonate with your target audience. Such topics can the foundation to meaningful that’s optimized for search and boosted on social media; a win-win for digital marketers.

You Don’t Have to Pay Much, Either.

Even for bloggers and businesses with minimal marketing budgets, a small investment can go a long way. We’ve been testing the waters with just $5 boosted posts for a client on Facebook (targeting a very specific audience of athletes based in Georgia.) Some boosted posts are getting over a thousand new user impressions, not to mention more likes, shares, and overall engagement.

paid social seo on facebook

That’s $0.0027 per highly-targeted impression.

And who knows? Maybe when we boost an article that’s truly top-tier, a few bloggers will link to it. So whether your SEO strategy has gone stagnant, or clients are asking about social media, try harnessing the power of paid social media for SEO purposes.