Cutts: Google to Give Less Weight to Keyword Domains

As an Atlanta SEO Company, we strive to provide our clients with any competitive advantage we can to rank as high as possible on the Google SERPs and to increase the amount of qualified traffic conversions for their company Websites.

Historically, our Atlanta SEO Company and SEO companies around the world have directed clients to purchase and use keyword-focused domain names for their Websites. To further illustrate this SEO tactic, say your company specializes in commercial roofing in Atlanta.

Your search engine optimization company may suggest that you to buy “” or a domain with similar targeted keyword relevancy to help increase page and SERPs rankings for your Website.

This SEO ideology may soon be losing relevancy according to Google’s Matt Cutts. In this video, Cutts discusses grievances he’s heard about Google giving too much weight in the SERPs to keyword domains. Because of these complains, Cutts says Google may try to even out the playing field by adjusting its algorithm.

Additionally, Cutts notes his preference for more “brandable” domain names like, and, and offers these domains as the model that effective SEO works without using a targeted keyword domain.

In sum, if your company is trying to choose an appropriate domain name for your Website, it’s not entirely necessarily to choose one that includes targeted keywords. You may want to select and register a domain name that is more catchy and marketable.