Captivating News – Stages of Blog Growth: How Your Tactics Should Change

Stages of Blog Growth: How Your Tactics Should Change

csm1During your blog journey, you’ll go through stages. First, you need to define your niche. Create a reader persona – who is your target audience? Have one specific person in mind to write for. Create your blog. Find out where your readers hang out. 

It should be about four months before you find your 100 true fans. They’ll help you grow.

Use guest posting, create the right type of content, consider paid traffic, and develop a social media presence. Next, you’ll scale up. This could take up to a year. Keep going! Create a content schedule, and consider monetization. Then, reap the rewards. Hire some help, and automate. Use SEO to maintain your position.

Why Your SEO Campaign Will Fail

csm2Ask yourself: have you set realistic goals? If not, you will fail. Do you have a realistic timeframe and budget? Immediate results are unreasonable. Have you chosen the right keywords? Optimizing the wrong ones can be a problem.

Also, find out if your campaign is delivering the right traffic. Look for high bounce rates to determine this. And look closely at your website. Does it engage visitors upon arrival? If it’s not professional-looking it can discredit your brand. Are you writing content your customers care about? Prospective customers will appreciate this. Also, track your data and make improvements.

Facebook Custom Audiences to Boost Your ROI

The devil is in the details – this is true of social media campaigns. Targeting is very important, and Facebook has comprehensive options. The custom audiences you can target on Facebook include your website audience, mobile app audience, video audience, and email list members.

The audience that comes from your website can be tracked, identified and retargeted on Facebook, with messages changed based on which page they came to you through. Mobile app audiences should be encouraged to make in-app purchases. You can customize for video-based audiences based on their watching baits. You’ll probably have a number of email lists, so align your messages to them.