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5 Tips for a More Search Engine Friendly Website

Search Engine Friendly Website Tips
Announced Tuesday, December 12 on the Webmaster Central Blog is Google's newly revamped “SEO Starter Guide.” The updated guide covers many relevant areas on to craft a more search engine friendly website. What makes it especially relevant is that the guide discusses many areas that often go overlooked. Before you check out the revamped SEO Starter Guide, we've provided a handful of SEO tips that align with key points made in the guide. You might find that these tips are more digestible and actionable as you go about creating a more search engine friendly website.

Captivating News – Optimizing Your E-Commerce Site

Optimizing Your E-commerce Site

csm1If your site is stuck in a rut, make some changes. Write more copy in your product descriptions, and make sure they talk about how to use your item and its advantages. Longer descriptions are better for SEO. Make sure they are unique, too. Google does not like duplicate content, and can penalize sites for using it.

Make your images larger, which lets shoppers get a closer look. Focus on the primary keyword for the title page. The title tag is the first thing a web crawler looks at. Focus on a longtail keyword that is more descriptive. Reduce options on forms, as each extra field loses you conversions.

Press Releases and Viral Memes

csm2Keep on top of the industry by reading blogs. Create a killer press release that’s short, with a perfect headline, stats and quotes, and using the tried and tested format. Don’t send it out on a Monday or Friday. Use multimedia, and follow up after.

Help your memes go viral by using them in clever ways to draw attention, shares, and goodwill. People will remember your brand if you appeal to emotions. Tie the memes to your brand and include a call to action. Make sure your customer service and social media learn together. Make sure people have details. Don’t overpromise, and don’t wait for media to find you.

360-Degree Video Ads on YouTube

A new Google ad format lets brands deliver 360-degree video ads on YouTube. The new format, now available on Chrome and the YouTube app, lets viewers explore every angle of a video using a mouse or shifting their phone.

Major brands are experimenting with the format, including Coca-Cola and Nike. They’ve found that 360-degree ads are delivering higher view-through rates. Google advertisers can set up campaigns for these ads as TrueView ads in Adwords, but special cameras are needed. Video and mobile are clearly becoming more central to Google and Facebook.

Increasing Importance of Video SEO

Video SEO – Taking a Look at What Makes It Successful

Video SEO: Tips for Video SEOTraditional search engine optimization techniques have focused on the optimization of keywords and written page content in order to generate first-page rankings with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

This was in large part because search engines were unable and unwilling to index videos and video feeds, making it effectively unsearchable and useless.

Now, many providers including Google have begun to heavily index video content in order to create what are known as “Blended Search Results” when a search is conducted.

Blended Search Results are just as they sound – a blend of content types that will hopefully provide the user with the information they are looking for.

This is evident in the way videos are displayed in Google results – if there is a relevant video attached to the keywords entered, the video will be displayed as the first or second search result.


  • Usable, indexed videos are still a rare commodity on the Web.
  • In order to create effective and balanced search results, relevant videos are almost always displayed as the first result.
  • Video titles are given heavy weighting in keyword searches.

What this means is that a properly placed and indexed video is 53 times more likely to find a spot on the first page, at least according to a study conducted by Forrester research. Providers that only use traditional, text-based organic SEO techniques are cutting their clients out of a rare opportunity of how to get more traffic to their websites and – to strike at the world of video SEO before the market is cluttered.

YouTube Logo Video SEOWhile videos abound – YouTube is the easy example – very few of these are properly indexed by search engines. This means that a company can make significant inroads in search engine optimization rankings by submitting keyword-relevant videos and ensuring that they are properly submitted to search engine sites.

This is best done by a dedicated SEO company, one that can ensure that not only does a video’s title and URL contain keyword-rich terminology, but that both a permalink of the video in addition to a feed are established and submitted. In addition, a professional and client-focused SEO team can help to ensure that links to the videos redirect users to the company’s website, rather than that of the video provider, and can assist in developing thumbnail video stills that best capture the visual essence of the company’s preferred keywords.

First-page search engine results don’t come from a haphazard submission of text, and while video is a new and powerful tool in SEO campaigns, it must be properly managed by an experienced SEO consultant in order to reap the maximum benefit for a company.