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How Atlanta Startups Can Thrive Using Local SEO

When it comes to building a successful startup in Atlanta, local SEO is one of the most powerful ways to increase exposure and accelerate growth. A study from Google shows that 50% of mobile searches resulted in users visiting that business in person. In a metropolis like Atlanta, this local mobile search data should be a clear call-to-action for blooming startups.

Atlanta Startups Local SEO

If your startup’s marketing plan doesn’t include local SEO, then it’s mostly likely missing out on a large chunk of traffic. For this reason, we put together a few tips to help Atlanta startups leverage SEO and better thrive in local search.

Define Your Startup as a Local Business

From a search standpoint, simply serving customers in Atlanta typically isn’t enough. You should start by presenting your startup as a business in the local community. To best achieve this, you’ll need a local address and phone number, both of which present on your website (ideally sitewide, such as in the footer.) These are the vital pieces of data that Google uses to rank legitimate businesses in the local search listings.

Claim Your Business

In addition to claiming and verifying a Google My Business listing (which serves as your startup’s hub for local SEO,) you should claim listings on various local directories. These listings will help to boost your business’s credibility and authority, which in turn can help increase local search visibility.

Brew Pubs Near Me Local SEO

Checkout Local SEO Guide’s post on The Best Online Local Business Directories for SEO of an actionable list of places you should claim your business. You can also seek out potential listings specific to Atlanta, such as chamber of commerce sites, local affiliations and membership networks, or newspapers (finding writing opportunities for local publishers can be huge win.)

Optimize Your Site for Atlanta

It may seem difficult to include “Atlanta” in your site’s content without forcing it or butchering page copy. But really, mentioning “Atlanta” a few times on your site’s homepage will suffice.

Try dedicating small section of content of your site to its location, perhaps a general “About” or “Where We’re Based” section. Startups can get creative with this by including an “Atlanta Roots” section, or something similar to establish geographic relevancy. This, combined having a local address and phone number, will help actualize your local SEO strategy.

Consider Multiple Domain Names

Some startups invest in building multiple domains in order to define their business and target markets. For multi-location and franchise SEO, sometimes this strategy can be very effective.

As an example, a startup can develop unique websites by investing in different domain names each locality. Further, each location can have a separate listing in Google. This can help define your startups location, not only in Atlanta, but other major markets in which it serves.

Keep Content Marketing On The Forefront

Content marketing can provide a host of benefits for startups, with improved SEO being on of them. In fact, few SEO tactics are more effective than generating great content marketing that resonates with your target audience (especially if that’s a local Atlanta audience.)

Unlike the SEO-driven content strategies for many businesses, your startup’s content strategy doesn’t have center on keywords. Instead, embrace a contents strategy that’s more socially-driven and speaks wave about your startup and all the great things it provides. You can also leverage paid social advertising (i.e. Facebook Promoted Posts or Promoted Tweets) to expand the visibility of your content. In turn, greater traffic, social signals and credibility will help enhance your local SEO efforts.

The Age of Social Media Algorithms

Age of Social Media Algorithms
When those of us in the search marketing industry hear the word “algorithm” it has historically been in reference to search giant, Google, and the continual updates it makes to its ranking algorithm. With Google's success serving up the best content to its users, it's no surprise that Social Media channels are taking notice and implementing their own algorithms to deliver their users the content they love.

Captivating News – Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

Is the Death of Twitter’s 140 Character Limit Upon Us?

csm1Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough. Recent media reports say that Twitter will offer a long-form text option for users, to draw new audiences and keep it from slipping into stagnation. This means more freedom and a friendlier interface, but it also means more rein for distributing content to a massive audience.

Responsible posting will include only sharing relevant content. Keep content focused on your mission and the platform. Be picky – don’t flood your Twitter feed because you can. Inspire your audience to act with a call to action. Learn to fully capitalize on the newly expanded character limit.

Create Linkable Content Assets

csm2Focusing on link building is harmful, but you can increase links regardless by earning them. Tell a story and share the results. Share your company journey from the ground up. Conduct a study.

Review a product in your industry. This often helps people with their decision making process, and attracts attention. Do an Ask Me Anything event with people in your industry, which gives you branding and credibility advantages. Take part in conferences. Create a cheat sheet guide, which will increase new and returning visitors. These actions will help you earn links that you deserve, and get good results.

Why Visitors Will Abandon Your Website

csm3Some frustrating tactics are being used by businesses. Showcasing content using pagination can get annoying, especially if you end up having to refresh the page more times because of ads. Also, directing people to the wrong content can lead to a quick bounce.

Many business ask for a commitment, in the form of an email address, far too early. If they know nothing about you, they will close the screen immediately. Don’t hide your calls to action, which may cause people to abandon the conversion they were completing. Also, optimize for mobile with responsive design. Make sure ads don’t dominate.

Captivating News – The Twitter Buy Button Is Here

The Twitter Buy Button Is Here

csm1Today, Twitter announced that the “buy” button is now available to merchants who use Demandware, Bigcommerce, or Shopify to run their online shopping operations. Users can buy products in as few as two taps – a buy and a confirm.

The first time people buy through Twitter, they’ll have to fill out fields on a payment and contact screen first. After that, it’s meant to be an easy process. The button has been tested for two years, and will most likely be followed by similar buttons on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. YouTube announced Tuesday that advertisers can place “buy” buttons in other people’s videos.

Why Content Needs to be Controversial

csm2Content is all the same, but you can offer a unique voice by taking a controversial stance. You don’t want to be overtly offensive, and you must strike a balance in expressing strong opinions supported by facts so that it doesn’t backfire on your brand. Controversial content can increase site traffic, social shares, comments, and links.

Some viewers won’t agree, and some will abandon your brand. But those who do agree with be more passionate about your brand. Controversies generate discussion and make people feel more invested. They also help you illustrate your authority in the industry, and demonstrate conviction. However, there are some issues where taking a stance is inappropriate, so approach controversy with a discerning eye.

Combat Ad Fatigue

csm3Ad fatigue happens when your audience becomes bored with the familiarity of your ads and stops paying attention. This affects effectiveness and ROI, but there are some easy way to combat this.

Change the background of your image ads. A change of scenery helps people notice them again. Keep your ads fresh and up-to-date with ad customizers. They dynamically update your ad with tailored messaging and time-sensitive calls to action. Rotate your ads indefinitely with an ad schedule at relevant times of the day and days of the week. Find when you’re getting high conversion rates, and base you ad schedule on that.

Captivating News – The Power of Twitter Hashtags

The Power of Twitter Hashtags

csm1Hashtags are an important tool for helping organize and sort tweets; use the right ones, and they are insanely powerful. They can attach your tweet to a topic that’s trending, getting you more traffic.

If you include an image and get early action, it may stay at the top of search results. You have an advantage if you’ve worked on building your Twitter following and are considered influential. But, if you’re trying to sell all the time and only looking at your social network as a potential lead base, you’re not getting it. The real leverage, though, is in creating tweets relevant to your industry.

Perform Twitter Research to Improve Ad Performance

csm2Twitter can be a tricky platform, since performing keyword research is different than standard search campaigns, thanks to user intent – people want to look at news, share thoughts, and engage with others. Turn to your Keyword Planner on Google AdWords to understand search volume, cost per click, and find other relevant keywords.

Look at relevant and related hashtags to help target your ads. Analyze your influencers’ Twitter accounts to find keywords, content, engaging tweets, interaction. Then, start to engage your influencers through chats, shares, and promotion. Hone in on time of day and locations to increase performance of ads. This will help you increase performance and maximize ROI.

The 2015 State of Social Media Marketing

csm3Social media continues to be a top priority, even though organic reach has become more difficult to reach. The most popular networks is Facebook, followed by YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Out of the world population, active social media accounts are at 29 percent penetration and active Internet users are at 42 percent, so growth is possible.

Except for Reddit, average monthly change of mobile web share went up on all social networks in Q2. YouTube and Facebook have the highest share of total Android users. People shop for weddings the most, followed by clothing and antiques/collectibles, but location matters in terms of e-commerce. All networks are constantly changing and adjusting their offers for users as well as brands.

Captivating News – Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

csm1More than half of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from mobile devices, but conversion rates are low. Change this by stepping up to cross-device targeting, because today’s consumers are multi-platform users.

Create more push notifications, and offer unique, personalized content. 

Use more video. How-tos, DIY tips, product demos, and even home-made videos can go viral. Note that over half of all searches on mobiles have local intent, and 61 percent of those searches result in a purchase. Also, embrace mobile payment options. They’re the credit cards of the future, so adopt them soon.

How to Master Instagram

csm3Instagram can be a real powerhouse for all kinds of companies. Get started by taking it easy. Fill out your profile and get to know the program and its options before posting. Use hashtags, as 
they are a key way of standing out on Instagram. Make sure hashtags are relevant.

Write descriptions of what you post; use keywords and details of your business. Follow instructions on image size, because it can be hard to get it right on Instagram. Be active. Instagram may require more a bit more interactivity than other places to build momentum. Relate to your public and understand your public.Don’t post so often, or it’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Promote!

Establishing A Professional Twitter Account

csm2Don’t just get by with an incomplete and unprofessional account. Complete your profile and optimize your bio. This is a simple task, but must be done in an honest and polished way.

Connect with authorities in your niche. Engage with these people, contribute, retweet. Add value to the conversation. 

Share valuable content often. Set up a content calendar; don’t post just for the sake of posting, or you’ll become a nuisance. then, analyze and improve. Use tools like Twitter Analytics. Twitter is a powerful tool for content discovery, communication, and networking, used properly.

Captivate News – Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

Questions to Ask Before Posting on Social Media

csm1The costs of a social media screw-up can be high. So, think before you post or you might find yourself in an online reputation disaster. First, decide if your idea has value for your followers. If it does, consider whether it fits the network’s mission. Is this the best format for the post? Are there good quality visual assets, and are they optimized for the network? Also consider if you’re posting at the best time.

Once you’ve asked yourself these questions, you may have to find a different topic or angle, choose a different network, adjust your format, or choose different assets. You may also want to 
save your post for a different time.

Creating User-Oriented Web Content

csm2Don’t try to sell your product cold; user-oriented content can help drive brand loyalty and create relationships. Listen to your audience, and do what they suggest. Research your target audience, and get to know them. Survey real people and look at trends. 

Have users submit their own content via email, hashtags, and replies.

Host an event. Use different strategies to target different demographic groups. Write content with user-focused language, and create written content that’s on their level. Don’t neglect your social media, because it’s an easy way to generate user-oriented content. You’ll benefit with more conversions!

The Best Time to Tweet

csm3According to a new study by social software company Buffer, the highest volume of tweets are sent between noon-1 p.m. – except in the Pacific time zone, where 8-9 a.m. is the most popular time. Evenings and late nights are the best time for total engagement.

But, if you want more clicks, shoot for non-peak hours; 2-3 a.m. is the best time to post – the traditional workday is the time with the least engagement. Buffer looked at 4.8 million tweets from around the globe to find the best time to tweet in other countries as well.

Captivating News – Is Twitter Making A Comeback?

Is Twitter Making A Comeback? 

csm1Twitter has a plan to combat its falling revenue numbers. The company is displaying tweets in the mobile search results pages on Google to drive more traffic, and has partnered with TellApart and DoubleClick, platforms to help marketers better target and track their efforts. It will also serve marketers with objective-based campaigns.

The company has been testing these ad formats for almost a year now to noteworthy results. Now, Twitter offers six campaign objectives, including tweet engagements, website clicks or conversions, app installs or engagements, followers, leads, and video views. These will help marketers plan better and spend smarter.

Why Page Speed Should Be Your Next Focus

csm2Now that you’ve optimized your website for mobile, take the next step: get your pages to load quickly. Google takes site speed into account for search rankings, and offers specific tools to analyze and improve page load times.

Studies have shown that a one-second delay in page-load times drops page views by 11 person, conversions by seven percent, and customer satisfaction by 16 percent; 88 percent of people are less likely to buy from a slow site. To combat this, look for dedicated hosting solutions, choose carefully the technology you used to build your website, and make simple changes to content to reduce load times. You can use smaller image files, remove widgets. Review your analytics.

Why No One Is reading Your Content

csm3It happens, even if you’re doing a good job. Why? It could be because you failed to create a content marketing plan, or your plan only succeeded in a few critical areas. You’ll need to replan as you go.

Maybe your content needs to be more focused on the audience instead of your company. Or perhaps your content is just bad and you need better personnel. You can also fix things by making sure your publishing schedule is consistent and using an authoritative voice to shine through in an original way. You could also be making distribution mistakes. Tap into your fan base; use your social media properties; make sure your content is easily sharable.

7 Takeaways from Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta 2015

7 Takeaways from Atlanta Inbound Marketing Day 2015
In a world where we increasingly rely on digital content to make decisions, and our technological devices to communicate, we are now witnessing digital marketing evolve to focus on a very powerful, yet innate and familiar concept – storytelling.

Search Engine Marketing Trends: How To Prepare For 2011

Each new year presents its own challenges for companies looking to get ahead in the search engine optimization market. As advertising providers increase costs, customers become more savvy and social media continues to rise, a business must ensure that it is prepared for the coming of the new Search Engine Marketing year.

What is Going to Happen:

How to Prepare for 2011 Search Engine Marketing Trends1) Social Media is not Going Away

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – the list is almost endless, but many social media websites are gaining in popularity and advertising power with each passing day. Recent studies have shown that most consumers will come in contact with Facebook advertising in some form during their buying process, even if the Facebook link is not the last one they click on.

2) Advertising Will Cost More, Customers Will Pay Less

Estimates put cost per click for Pay Per Click advertising increases at anywhere from 12-15% in the coming year, driving the amount a business must pay for advertising upward. At the same time, consumers, burned by the recent recession, have begun to use the Web as a tool for searching, rather than buying. Multiple searches are conducted for products and reviews analyzed, and companies need to be prepared to deal with this new reality.

3) Bing! Microsoft May Be a Winner

Despite coming late to the party, the Bing search engine has seen steady growth over the last year and is predicted to continue this upward trend into 2011.

4) Mobility May Mean Money

The marketplace has been crowing for years about the supposed age of mobile e-commerce, but very little aside from Web browsing has happened in the last half decade. Now, with Google working on a credit-card replacing phone and with start-up companies on track to make e-commerce viable, 2011 may just be the year of the mobile money-maker.

What Companies Need to Do About It:

1) Diversify search engine marketing strategies. Businesses need to use Facebook campaigns, viral marketing, and make sure that all of their advertising eggs are not in one basket.

2) Optimize effectiveness. Companies need to have SEO that is viable, straightforward and that generates targeted traffic in order to convert searches to sales.

3) Invest in Bing marketing. Google is still the big fish in this ocean, but Bing cannot be ignored by savvy companies. A good SEO Company should advise that Bing marketing dollars be increased.

4) Do not ignore mobile. This might not be the year it goes big, but waiting an extra 12 months could mean significant lost sales. Start testing the waters using the Google AdWords platform and see what comes up.

2011 will continue the trend of increased SEO diversity and it’s important for your company to understand on how to capitalize on these growing search engine marketing trends in the new year!