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[SEO Data] 10 Studies Distilled into Actionable Strategies

SEO Data 10 Studies Distilled Actionable Strategies
One of the best ways to bring forward new ideas is by exploring SEO data, trends, and research. Not only is reading-up on the latest search studies a vital way to stay informed, but it can also offer renewed perspective. In many cases, compelling data can reshape how we think about SEO and what new opportunities we may be missing. So to cut through the clutter of generic SEO roundups and surveys, here are ten pieces of SEO-related data that we’ve distilled into actionable strategies.

Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

Why SEO Services are Essential for Ecommerce

A lot web-savvy business owners believe SEO is something that can be handled in-house. While we respect their ambition and actually have faith in that belief (to some extent,) there are some contexts where search engine optimization requires the resources of a professional SEO provider.

Ecommerce SEO Services in Atlanta GAEcommerce is one of those contexts. SEO for ecommerce sites demands the services of an experienced company or team of providers.

I’ll give you two primary reasons:

  1. Ecommerce search marketing, in any almost any product niche, is going to be competitive. In short, there’s typically a handful of big fish spending a lot of money on SEO and Internet marketing.
  2. Time = Money. Ecommerce SEO is a long-term endeavor that can take a long time to see results. And because ecommerce sites are so deep, the SEO process is much more cumbersome and time consuming.

Additionally, Google’s search algorithm is constantly changing. Automated link building networks (a service that ecommerce SEO’s could thrive upon) is no longer as effective as they used to be. Staying abreast what’s working and what’s not is a part-time job in itself.

Google has cracked down black/gray hat SEO services, making quality content (such as top notch articles, videos, and blog posts) the gateway to SEO success.

Parallel to creating great content is sharing it with a relevant audience via social media. This has also made social signals (such as Google +1’s, Facebook likes, Tweets and Re-Tweets) more pronounced in Google’s search algorithm.

So not only does an ecommerce SEO service package need to include a properly-optimized website, it also should integrate quality-focused content creation and social media marketing (on an ongoing basis.)

This, my friends, is the new breed of SEO providers. Below are a few characteristics that define them and reinforce their position in the ecommerce SEO arena.

Empthy-Driven Content Creators

All solid SEO providers are empathy-driven. That is, they get an acute understanding of their target audience’s perspective and overall intentions.

A quality SEO provider will learn and absorb the nature of the ecommerce market just as well as the site’s marketing personnel. This analytical sense of market research, paired with creativity and planning, enables the creation of highly relevant and captivating content that can be optimized for search.

Resources and Capabilities

But what’s more than becoming enlightened is having the capacity to get it done. Ecommerce SEO demands an arsenal of resources and skill-sets, such as:

  • Authoritative blogs and content publishing platforms (for link building)
  • Video creation and optimization capabilities
  • Social media marketing know-how, especially in Google+ and Facebook
  • Both creative copywriting and SEO copywriting talent
  • SEO-friendly web design and website optimization specialties

That said, ecommerce SEO service providers are often teams of niche specialists. You have your techies, your designers, your copywriters, and ‘SEO overseers.’ Each role is essential for the many projects involved in ecommerce SEO.

Ecommerce SEO Can Yield Incredible ROI

There’s a reason why ecommerce sites pursue search marketing so heavily. It’s highly effective and can offer incredible return on investment. Of course some product categories are more competitive than others, but the general idea is when ecommerce SEO is successful, it pays dividends.

A lot of research, immersion, planning, and execution goes into search engine optimization. Some of the most elementary decisions (namely, choosing the right keyword targets) can mean the difference between a profitable and a wasted investment. It’s thus important that for ecommerce, SEO should be managed in the hands of a professional.

In essence, there’s just way too much going on, man.