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[SEO Data] 10 Studies Distilled into Actionable Strategies

SEO Data 10 Studies Distilled Actionable Strategies
One of the best ways to bring forward new ideas is by exploring SEO data, trends, and research. Not only is reading-up on the latest search studies a vital way to stay informed, but it can also offer renewed perspective. In many cases, compelling data can reshape how we think about SEO and what new opportunities we may be missing. So to cut through the clutter of generic SEO roundups and surveys, here are ten pieces of SEO-related data that we’ve distilled into actionable strategies.

Atlanta Internet Marketing: A Search First™ Approach

Search First Atlanta Internet Marketing
At Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, we can help you actualize a search first Internet marketing program with a cross-platform approach that generates results and grows your business. See how we bring cohesion to SEO, web design, usability, social media, and content marketing to craft comprehensive and effective Internet marketing programs.

Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

The Age of Social Media Algorithms

Age of Social Media Algorithms
When those of us in the search marketing industry hear the word “algorithm” it has historically been in reference to search giant, Google, and the continual updates it makes to its ranking algorithm. With Google's success serving up the best content to its users, it's no surprise that Social Media channels are taking notice and implementing their own algorithms to deliver their users the content they love.

Captivating News – Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

Identify Your Best Social Media Influencers

csm1To get to the people really making an impact, engage with the influencers. Find them on Facebook by noting the cues that make someone an influencer. Look at how often people are posting, which posts have the most engagement, and which people get the most likes, comments and shares.

On Twitter, look for retweets and the amount and quality of conversation. On Google+, check out the number of comments, profile files, and update views. On LinkedIn, search for keywords related to your industry and check who’s authoring the articles that show up. Then, look at engagement on each article. Narrow down your pool by identifying which influencers are influencing lower-level influencers.

Boost Sales Through Social Media Marketing

csm2Online shopping is the new norm, and social media platforms continue to integrate retail into their sites. Know that social media is a personal experience for many, so a personal touch should be used. Share emotional and entertainment content.

Leverage the power of hashtags. You can schedule regular posts about product deals, holiday specials and other events, but make sure to include a direct link to purchase. Turn your social media page into an online store, which makes it convenient for users. And make sure your website is also social – that’s what people expect today. Integrate and interact with social platforms.

How to Fail Miserably at Content Marketing

csm3If you’re doing marketing wrong, you won’t get decent results. If you’re not tracking the list of people you send outreach to, you run the risk of your audience thinking that you’re spamming them. If you’re publishing mediocre content, quit it.

You may be using a poorly crafted outreach template. Quality and quantity are important here; send out as many as you can, and make sure that you’re offering a legitimate message that’s casual, punchy, with one call to action and a clear idea of how users can benefit. If you don’t do these things, you aren’t putting in the effort and may damage your brand.

Captivating News – Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost Search Ranking

Social Media Marketing Practices That Boost Search Ranking

csm1 Social media can boost your search prospects by making your site more obvious to web search tools. To take advantage, you should recognize your target audience and focus on them. Carefully choose your social media sites to be appropriate for your organization. Upgrade your posts – streamline them for web crawlers. Make sure they’re readable, valuable and not redundant when it comes to keywords, captions, and titles.

Develop your followers and attempt to create something that motivates individuals to share. Use external inbound links, and improve brand awareness. Make sure you locally optimize of your posts, and focus on sound methodology for every platform.

Putting Your Product Feed to Work

csm2Retailers can utilize the product feed as a valuable asset in your ad strategy. Make sure your titles and descriptions are rich and accurate. Otherwise, you risk getting penalized. Don’t forget about your images. In Bing, Product Ads will be moving to a Shopping Campaigns format this summer. You can utilize the same feed for this and your Google Shopping campaigns.

For Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, upload your existing product feed to Facebook. Identify Product Sets to advertise via filters in your catalog, group into Product Groups, and capture activity. Targeting can be based on user actions and layered with Facebook’s targeting parameters. Think about your product advertising in a holistic way!

Launching A Viral Marketing Campaign

csm3Viral marketing is no longer hit-or-miss. Your content must be surprising, interesting, intense, positive, and actionable. There’s no perfect recipe, but start by setting up infrastructure to withstand a big load of hits. 

Identify opportunities. Use a tool to find content that gets shared a lot. Use previous viral successes as gauges.

Track down themes – what works for your audience? Video, blogs, memes? Identify recent trends or news pieces. Have a proper viral seeding strategy – spend a few dollars to help with initial shares, get your employees to start. Then, measure and repeat.

Captivating News – Boosting Facebook Engagement Using Groups

Boosting Facebook Engagement Using Groups

csm1These days on Facebook, low organic reach is normal. More marketers are spending money on Facebook advertisers. But there are still creative ways to achieve engagement, including the use of Facebook Groups. 

Engagement on Groups is higher than Pages, because they bring people with similar passions together.

You can find one already existing that consists of people in your target market. The fastest way to get noticed is to identify influencers and build relationships with them. Do this by reaching out and presenting them with something they might find of interest. Later, you can bring up the possibility of promoting your content or organizing a joint local event. You’ll eventually build a trusted community.

Bringing Social Media Marketing Down to the Local Level

csm2The problem many national brands encounter in social media marketing is that not all locations are the same. This may mean creating social media pages for each location, and you may also need a manager for each location too. But many social media sites already highlight local businesses, and one thing you can do is make sure your information is up-to-date on these services.

Also, you can make sure you understand your local audience so that you design a campaign to meet their needs. Keep your campaign focused on the local level. You may have to rely on trial and error, and you’ll need to test. Remember that at this level, quality matters over quantity.

Using Dynamic Search Ads to Grow Your PPC Account

csm3Dynamic Search Ads, using Google’s crawling technology, reach beyond keywords to bring in targeted traffic. These ads are served based on the content of your website. You can set up your campaign under the campaigns tab in Adwords; select the “dynamic search ads” type, then create your ad group and ads.

Google announced this week that these ads are being overhauled for user-friendliness, so more marketers will adopt them. The new ads will have a revamped interface and improved transparency; also, your ads will be organized into recommended categories. As Adwords moves toward intent-based targeting, dynamic search ads will become key.