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Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

Captivating News – The Most Effective Social Media Ads

The Most Effective Social Media Ads

csm1 If you’re spending money on online advertising, social media ads may earn you the biggest returns. To succeed, create multiple versions of the ad and test them with your target audience. Deactivate the lowest performers and try something new.

On your Facebook News Feed, include a button – the “Learn More” button is best. Create a custom Landing Page. Mention price up front. Promote a discount. Filter out mobile traffic, which is good for app installs and engagement, but not website conversions. Focus on your Relevance Score to see if you should adjust your targeting.

Using Competitors to Guide Your Social Media Strategy

If you’re just getting started, consider examining the strategies of your competitors. This can provide shortcuts that save you time and effort. Copy their most successful posts. First, clarify your own goals for your social media efforts.

Focus on getting fans and followers, interacting with social media influencers, creating downloads, obtaining email subscribers, generating  content shares, and engagement. Review what channels they are using, and use a spreadsheet to compare their engagement levels for a month. Use free and paid analytics tools to explore their numbers. You’ll get a sense of type and style of content your competitors’ audiences respond to the most. Compare your results to theirs.

Coolest Ad Targeting Features in Marketing

csm3Today, new ad formats, data, and targeting options let you hit exactly the people you want to. Use Custom Audiences in Facebook to get in front of those people. Tailored Audiences in Twitter is a similar feature, but it’s not as good as Facebook at matching lists and user IDs.

In-Market Audiences on the Google Display Network targets people who are ready to buy. Custom Affinity Segments in GDN lets you target specific audiences. Facebook and Twitter, through data partners, offer targeting options based on what users have purchased recently. Life Events targeting on Facebook taps into the element of Intent. Lookalike targeting creates a mirror audience. And demographic layering over the above features gives you precision and impact.

Today’s Captivating News – Instagram Landscape and Portrait Modes Are Here!

Instagram Landscape and Portrait Mode Are Here!

csm1Instagram has just introduced a huge change. You can now use landscape and portrait modes for photos and videos, instead of just the traditional squares. This means you can post images as they were originally shot, without cropping using a third-party app.

The company says about one in five photos or images aren’t square. Now, you can choose your photo or video, tap the new format icon on the bottom left to adjust the orientation, choose your filters, and share. Your screen’s photo grid will remain square – any media in another shape appears as a center-cropped square. Also, all filters can also now be used for all types of media.

Becoming an Online Influencer

csm3Becoming an online influencer isn’t terribly difficult. Get yourself featured on expert round-ups, when they’re quoted on a specific topic. The experts make you look like one, and those experts will share the round-up with their own followers. 

Guest-post on authoritative websites. Give them a pitch, offer a bribe such as free publicity, free use of your products, or money.

Get interviewed. When you do this, give people a hook for interviewing you and let them know how they can benefit from the interview. Interview other influencers yourself; when people see you don’t that, they’ll think of you as one. Publish your own ebook to propel your status.

Which Platforms Deserve Your Advertising?

csm2On Facebook, you’ll want to build a loyal community using promoted posts, direct ads, and boosted posts. On Twitter, you want to create brand awareness, promote content and build awareness. Use promoted accounts, tweets, and trends to target based on keywords, interests and device. 

On LinkedIn, you get looked at by B2B professionals, and you can advertise with direct ads and sponsored updates. You can target based on company, industry, seniority, and job function.

YouTube targets businesses who want to broadcast with video ads that appear in-stream and in-display. Instagram is good for promotion, with a young and engaged audience. Sponsored photos and videos look natural on your feed. Also consider Google Plus, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Four Square.