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How To Create Business Metrics For Effective Link Building

Using the Metric System – Assessing the Value in Links

Google’s Page Rank is used to “rank” the importance of every webpage on the Internet. The major factors in determining Page Rank is the number, quality, and relevancy of the inbound links a page receives from other sites. In order for any company to successfully grow their Web presence, they must consult with an effective link building service to not only track the number of links to their site, but assess their quality. In addition, they must have a viable way of creating new links in order to sustain interest in the site.

Google PageRankThere are a number of tools that can be used to build links, for example:

  1. Google Back Links Checker – it’s from Google, and it’s free, but it offers a relatively small amount of backlink information for a standard user.
  2. Open Site Explorer – A pay-for-use tool from SEO company SEOmoz. This utility not only pulls quantity data, but quality of link data as well.
  3. Majestic SEO – Offers both a free and pay version, and can generate useful graphs of backlink history over a period.

No matter what tool, it is essential that it be used in properly and with right knowledge about effective link building, such as someone with the experience in the industry to detect trends and strategize accordingly.

A professional and effective Atlanta SEO firm will be able to not only assess the strength of current links, but bolster those that are of higher quality, leading to a greater rate of return. 50 backlinks from weak sites will not prove nearly as useful as one from a top player. In order to properly assess data and determine the ideal SEO strategy, effective link building opportunities such as the three noted above are essential to a successful Atlanta Internet Marketing campaign.

Search Engine Marketing Trends: How To Prepare For 2011

Each new year presents its own challenges for companies looking to get ahead in the search engine optimization market. As advertising providers increase costs, customers become more savvy and social media continues to rise, a business must ensure that it is prepared for the coming of the new Search Engine Marketing year.

What is Going to Happen:

How to Prepare for 2011 Search Engine Marketing Trends1) Social Media is not Going Away

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – the list is almost endless, but many social media websites are gaining in popularity and advertising power with each passing day. Recent studies have shown that most consumers will come in contact with Facebook advertising in some form during their buying process, even if the Facebook link is not the last one they click on.

2) Advertising Will Cost More, Customers Will Pay Less

Estimates put cost per click for Pay Per Click advertising increases at anywhere from 12-15% in the coming year, driving the amount a business must pay for advertising upward. At the same time, consumers, burned by the recent recession, have begun to use the Web as a tool for searching, rather than buying. Multiple searches are conducted for products and reviews analyzed, and companies need to be prepared to deal with this new reality.

3) Bing! Microsoft May Be a Winner

Despite coming late to the party, the Bing search engine has seen steady growth over the last year and is predicted to continue this upward trend into 2011.

4) Mobility May Mean Money

The marketplace has been crowing for years about the supposed age of mobile e-commerce, but very little aside from Web browsing has happened in the last half decade. Now, with Google working on a credit-card replacing phone and with start-up companies on track to make e-commerce viable, 2011 may just be the year of the mobile money-maker.

What Companies Need to Do About It:

1) Diversify search engine marketing strategies. Businesses need to use Facebook campaigns, viral marketing, and make sure that all of their advertising eggs are not in one basket.

2) Optimize effectiveness. Companies need to have SEO that is viable, straightforward and that generates targeted traffic in order to convert searches to sales.

3) Invest in Bing marketing. Google is still the big fish in this ocean, but Bing cannot be ignored by savvy companies. A good SEO Company should advise that Bing marketing dollars be increased.

4) Do not ignore mobile. This might not be the year it goes big, but waiting an extra 12 months could mean significant lost sales. Start testing the waters using the Google AdWords platform and see what comes up.

2011 will continue the trend of increased SEO diversity and it’s important for your company to understand on how to capitalize on these growing search engine marketing trends in the new year!

Does Twitter Influence Google, Yahoo!, Bing Search Rankings?

In 2006, Twitter was launched and the site now has over 175 million users generating 65 million “tweets” per day. Tweets are short messages created by users that have a maximum of 140 characters and are, by default, available for the public to see. They are intended to convey specific, relevant information; and it has long been speculated that the site’s growing popularity would have an influence on search engine rankings, a fact recently confirmed by both Google and Bing.

Twitter LogoA number of websites have now taken up the cause to see just what impact tweets and the Twitter universe have on search engine rankings overall. Some sites have gone so far as to create two separate linking pages: one promoted via Twitter only, and one via “normal” link building methods in an effort to see which type of advertising – social or traditional – would have a greater impact on Ecommerce SEO. Though long-term data is not yet available, the Twitter-based page in one example was able to easily out-distance its link-based competitor in the first few days the experiment was run.

What Does This Mean for E-commerce Companies?

This means that ignoring social media is not an option. It is a near-certainty that the link and tweet-based pages will begin to overlap and influence each other, eventually leading to a stronger search engine ranking for both. This then means that companies must find Search Engine Marketing providers that are able to not only simply create viable organic keyword SEO ranking sets and generate traditional links, but also create targeted tweeting and other social-media driven Internet marketing campaigns.

Opinions matter, especially those given in the moment, a fact that Twitter has capitalized on to substantial effect. In order to compete in the new e-commerce marketplace, companies must get more involved in social media and be prepared to tweet!

How Google Instant Can Positively Impact Your Link Building Strategy

Google Instant and What It Means for SEO in Google

In the computing world, speed is life. Processors are tuned to go ever faster, and new applications and Internet browsers are constantly developed to keep up with the demand for speedy information returned. The quicker consumers can find and click on a company’s Web page, the greater their popularity and potential sales volume will be. One tool that is helping to limit the time consumers spend searching is Google Instant, and it has several impacts on your SEO strategy.

What is Google Instant?

  • Debuting in September of this year, Google Instant attempts to predict what users will type in based on what they’ve already started typing.
  • Unlike auto-complete which was previously used by Google, Google Instant will populate a page with results before a user has hit enter.
  • The content will change based on what the user types into the search field.

Google Instant Link Building

What this means is that “first page” Google results will now be available as soon as a user begins typing and constantly change. For companies looking to maximize their search engine marketing success, simply cornering the market on one term may no longer be enough. For example, a luxury spa treatments company might choose to optimize their organic SEO by focusing on those words, garnering them a top spot on Google when the terms are entered. With Google Instant, as soon as the words “luxury spa” are entered, a host of pages will be pulled up based on those terms alone, lowering the chances of the company’s website being seen first.

Google Instant provides a way for companies to use broader SEO link building strategies used on the most likely first word consumers will type in, as well as those that follow it, to result in an overall ranking on page one of the results.

Three Online Holiday Marketing Strategies To Consider

Holiday Marketing is Crucial to Increasing Online Sales

With the holidays fast approaching and the rise of such pre-holiday events such as Cyber Monday, companies are advised to tweak their online marketing strategies. According to statistics gathered after 2009’s Cyber Monday sale, peak buying times saw over 7 million visits to sites per minute. With the proper advertising and marketing, these visits can translate into big sales numbers.

There are a number of simple holiday marketing strategies that can be employed by any business to increase both targeted traffic and ecommerce sales during the holiday season.

1. Web Design and Display

Online Holiday Marketing StrategiesAs soon as Halloween was over, retail stores have Christmas trees up and Carols playing on the loudspeakers. While an online business may not need to jump so early, adding holiday web design touches to a website can show consumers that the site is up to date and has specials for the holidays.

Along that same line, make sure to use those expectations for specials to showcase best-selling items and ones that are actually in stock. Whatever is getting sold should be around to ship out.

2. Pay-per Click (PPC)

Start early with Pay Per Click strategy by designing PPC ads with holiday marketing wording and special deals. Keep track of which PPC ad performs the best and use variations on it for the rest of the holiday season.

3) Retargeting

Google AdWords does a great job of retargeting, which is the science of showing people who has stopped by a website but not bought anything from the ads for that same website when they surf somewhere else. This IP-based technology involves dropping a cookie into the user’s Web browser, and can be a very worthwhile investment for holiday marketing campaigns.

With the right holiday marketing strategy, online retailers can significantly increase both traffic and sales on their website. For up-to-date insights, check out more holiday marketing strategies.


Increasing Importance of Video SEO

Video SEO – Taking a Look at What Makes It Successful

Video SEO: Tips for Video SEOTraditional search engine optimization techniques have focused on the optimization of keywords and written page content in order to generate first-page rankings with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

This was in large part because search engines were unable and unwilling to index videos and video feeds, making it effectively unsearchable and useless.

Now, many providers including Google have begun to heavily index video content in order to create what are known as “Blended Search Results” when a search is conducted.

Blended Search Results are just as they sound – a blend of content types that will hopefully provide the user with the information they are looking for.

This is evident in the way videos are displayed in Google results – if there is a relevant video attached to the keywords entered, the video will be displayed as the first or second search result.


  • Usable, indexed videos are still a rare commodity on the Web.
  • In order to create effective and balanced search results, relevant videos are almost always displayed as the first result.
  • Video titles are given heavy weighting in keyword searches.

What this means is that a properly placed and indexed video is 53 times more likely to find a spot on the first page, at least according to a study conducted by Forrester research. Providers that only use traditional, text-based organic SEO techniques are cutting their clients out of a rare opportunity of how to get more traffic to their websites and – to strike at the world of video SEO before the market is cluttered.

YouTube Logo Video SEOWhile videos abound – YouTube is the easy example – very few of these are properly indexed by search engines. This means that a company can make significant inroads in search engine optimization rankings by submitting keyword-relevant videos and ensuring that they are properly submitted to search engine sites.

This is best done by a dedicated SEO company, one that can ensure that not only does a video’s title and URL contain keyword-rich terminology, but that both a permalink of the video in addition to a feed are established and submitted. In addition, a professional and client-focused SEO team can help to ensure that links to the videos redirect users to the company’s website, rather than that of the video provider, and can assist in developing thumbnail video stills that best capture the visual essence of the company’s preferred keywords.

First-page search engine results don’t come from a haphazard submission of text, and while video is a new and powerful tool in SEO campaigns, it must be properly managed by an experienced SEO consultant in order to reap the maximum benefit for a company.

How Referrers Can Help You Monitor Your Link Building Efforts

According to a February 2010 study by digital marketing company iCrossing, companies surveyed had “95% of all their non-branded natural search traffic from page-one results pages across all three major engines”.

This high impact search engine data reinforces what savvy companies already know about getting found online – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is big business. But while getting to the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines is important, it doesn’t guarantee success, and companies need to be constantly monitoring their Web presence. One simple way to do this is through the use of referrers.

Referrers, independent websites that link to a company’s web page, can be an excellent way to keep track of pertinent analytical data for web traffic. While it is simple to install a page view counter, this does not tell a company what it needs to know about how effective its website presence is. In order to know if the current web content is doing the job, companies need specific data to properly tailor their website to their target markets.

To do this, companies need a SEO company that has a user-friendly suite of Website Analytics to analyze data from referrer sites. Referral Links This information includes data points such as:

  • Total number of visits from each referrer link
  • How many of these visits are “new”
  • How long each visitor stayed on the company’s website.

In addition, these tools can let companies easily see exactly which pages were visited during a customer’s stay on the website, and can offer information about what is working on a site and what needs to be changed.

Referrer data will also show companies which referral links are generating the most traffic and allow them to properly focus their Atlanta search engine optimization and Link Building efforts.

Creating an optimal web presence for a company takes work and dedication. Further, a combination of not only SEO, but also monitoring and building referral links through analyzing Web Analytics has proven to be an excellent strategy in increasing the effectiveness of a company’s website.