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How to Get Products to Appear in Google Image Search

Optimize Products for Google Image Search
If you've been paying attention to Google Image Search lately, then you may have noticed some new changes. Now, related product images (including price information about those products) are appearing in the Image Search results. And it's not a PPC thing, either. It's a SEO thing, and it's prompting ecommerce marketers to ask the question: how can I get my products to appear in Google Image Search? Learn how.

3 Underused Schema Markup Strategies to Boost Local SEO

Atlanta SEO Company - Schema Markup for Local SEO
There is no doubt that has brought about a revolutionary collaboration between some of the world's top search engines. In short, Schema is special subset of markup language (HTML) that enables webmasters and SEO's to tag specific pieces of content on a website.

3 Actionable SEO Best Practices for a Thriving 2015

Actionable SEO Best Practices for 2015
As we take our SEO practice into 2015, success hinges on how well we adapt to the evolving intelligence of Google search. This adaptation extends far beyond the traditional ways of SEO; that is, writing keyword optimized pages and building links to those pages. The fact of the matter is, Google has gotten much smarter of the years. And while some SEO best practices have become obsolete, a few techniques and strategies stand the test of time.