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Google Ads’ Same-Meaning Close Variants Now Applied to All Match Types

Google Same Meaning Close Variants Phrase Match Broad Match Modifiers
Piggybacking on changes to exact match last fall, Google is now extending same-meaning close variants to both phrase match and broad match modifier.  Essentially what this means is that Google will match a query if it determines the query has the same intent as the keyword. A couple examples are "lawn" and "grass," "couch" and "sofa," or "company" and "agency." See how to mitigate the potential repercussions of this change.

Captivating News – Future-Proof Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Future-Proof Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

csm1Mobile media is growing – there are more than 7.2 billion mobile devices in the world, and many of them are used for search. Marketing efforts need to focus on mobile marketing strategies more than ever. Your strategy should be focused on your customers’ wants and needs.

Talk to your customers and find out about their current behavior, engagement, and purchase paths. Look at user experience, including screen size, because 40 percent of people will pick another result if your site isn’t mobile-friendly. Focus on different channels and make the transition between them seamless. Create a mobile app. Also, measure the effects and evolve.

SEO Hacks to Rank #1

csm2Combine your small business SEO and PR, because these two areas have many of the same goals. Your keywords should be PR-driven, pointing to the positive differences you are making in the community. They can be trending news, answered questions, special events, or community relations.

Trending news can give you eyeball time from a gawking public. You can also be the calm voice during chaos – solve a problem that helps your public. Sponsor some special events to bring people into the conversation. Focus on your community and let them know you care.

There Is No Perfect Keyword

Keyword selection is crucial to PPC success, but do not over-commit and neglect other components. One issue is that search marketing doesn’t generate demand – it harvests it. That means new companies and niche products are at a disadvantage because they are unfamiliar and each requires a different strategy, and relevant keywords aren’t enough.

A searcher using a certain phrase isn’t necessarily looking for your product. Match types are also important. So, don’t worry about perfect targeting; make robust targeting with growth possibilities your coal. Focus on finding traffic and modifying tactics to make your traffic profitable, not ideal keywords. Bid modifiers, negative keywords, ad copy, remarketing, and more come into play here.