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Why You Might Not Want Google Managing Your Ads

Why You Might Not Want Google Managing Your Ads
If you advertise with Google Ads, then you've likely received an email headlined "We'll focus on your campaigns, so you can focus on your business." While this might seem like an enticing offer, there are major implications to allowing Google control how you spend money with... well, Google. And because there's already plenty of news surrounding this announcement, this post summarizes our thoughts on why you might not want Google managing your ads.

How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads

How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads
If you're already using Google Ads for a medical practice, then perhaps you've seen your ads disapproved before. Or worse, your Google Ads account has been banned entirely. This all too common scenario is typically due to a lack of awareness surrounding Google's latest advertising policies, which can sometimes be confusing to fully grasp.

Adwords “Exact Match” Targeting Gets Not So Exact Anymore

Google Adwords Exact Match Keyword Targeting
The primary concern surrounding most AdWords PPC advertisers is Google matching queries to keywords that don’t have the same meaning or intentional relevancy. However, Google emphasizes that it won't alter exact match word order or function words when it understands changes would alter the true meaning of the query. I suppose the keyword there is "when it understands." Learn more.

Captivating News – The Evolution of PPC Advertising

The Evolution of PPC Advertising

csm1The digital marketing industry is always changing. One new offering to leverage existing search advertising tactics is Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. This cost-effective approach caters to people most likely to convert. Also, Related Audiences (now in beta), provides a similar advantage by honing in on users similar to ones that have visited you already. Display marketing is more advanced, too; you can target people based on demographic information.

Create a strategy that fits with the changes and upgrades in the PPC world; keywords in Google aren’t sufficient any longer. Consider points where you can target users and build a cohesive, multi-device strategy targeting quality prospects.

Things You’re Doing Wrong in Social Marketing

You can avoid common mistakes that leave a window open for your competition. One is not blogging; it’s the best way to get your thought leadership out there. Another is leaving behind a social graveyard. Either get your Twitter account going, or shut it down. Avoid cross-posting identical posts on different platforms; your audiences are different.

You may also be failing to make use of videos. Create memes or Vines – be creative. Another mistake is focusing on output and ignoring interaction. Cultivate relationships and make sure it’s not all about you. Also, although you should always be professional, don’t avoid showing your human side.

Optimizing Local Search with Google

csm3Optimizing your Google local listing is a great way to start. Fill out the applicable information and make sure to select applicable categories; this helps visitors, and Google will rank you higher. Use precise location information and keywords, so you don’t confuse your customers. Google values consistency throughout local listings.

Seek reviews on Google, as customers trust third-party recommendations more than traditional ads. And leverage your company website. Include your website URL in your local listing, and it will be read more easily by search engines. This all helps to dramatically boost business.