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How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads

How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads
If you're already using Google Ads for a medical practice, then perhaps you've seen your ads disapproved before. Or worse, your Google Ads account has been banned entirely. This all too common scenario is typically due to a lack of awareness surrounding Google's latest advertising policies, which can sometimes be confusing to fully grasp.

Captivating News – Increase Mobile Conversions by Tomorrow

Increase Mobile Conversions by Tomorrow

csm1Mobile conversion rates don’t have to suck. First, make sure your site is mobile-friendly. Make sure the labels for your form fields are above, which reminds users of what info they need to provide. 

Make sure it’s easy for customers to input credit cards and phone numbers.

When a QWERTY keyboard comes up, it’s small and difficult to use. Use an alternate command to bring up the larger numerical phone keyboard instead. Or give user the option to scan their credit card instead. Also, make it easy for customers to provide their email address. HTML 5 allows the insertion of an easy keyboard option that includes the @ symbol and the “.”

Best Ad Copy Test Procedures

PPC ad copy testing helps retailers raise their Quality Score, so use best practices! Test for a minimum of 30 days; too-short time frames won’t provide accurate data. Consider seasonality, as not every 30-day period will be consistent.

Organize your results using AdWords through labels, so that you can log which tests you’ve run and how to categorize value. Do just one test at at time, or else you’ll have trouble attributing performance and success. And don’t be afraid to be different. Try out a variety of concepts and theories – that’s what testing is for!

Secrets to a Killer Viral Video

csm3Use social bookmarking, and tag your bookmarks with keywords. Know which day to release your video online – engagement on Facebook is higher on Thursdays and Fridays; on Twitter, it’s higher on weekends.

Use STEPPS to Contagious Content: S is for Social Currency, T is for Triggers, E is for Emotion, P is for Public, P is for Practical Value, and S is for Stories. Start out with marketing and understand how things go viral. Let the right people know your video exists. Spend time making your video great. Tell your story, considering that four minute-long videos are five times more likely to be shared. Make your title stand out. Be ready for vitality, and make sure people can get ahold of you.