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The Power of Paid Social Media for SEO Purposes

paid social media for seo purposes
The use of paid social media for SEO purposes is nothing new or original. Many search marketers are slaying it by boosting resourceful content to incredibly targeted audiences. In turn, they’re driving more traffic, engagement, and links to their sites - all of which are SEO factors that impact rankings. I wanted to scribe a quick perspective piece underscoring the value in paid social media for SEO. Not only are we starting to do a lot of it here at Captivate, but I believe the “paid social SEO strategy” to be naturally intuitive to most creative and open-minded search marketers.

Captivating News – Top Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time

Top Paid Social Media Hacks of All Time

csm1If you’re not advertising on social, you’re missing out. Just remember, on Facebook, Quality Score is called Relevance Score. On Twitter, Quality Score is calculated with relevance, resonance, and recency. The more engagement you get, the less cost per engagement you’ll have.

Tweet often, but only promote your best stuff. Find high-engagement tweets and amplify them. Use keyword targeting and hashtags. Use in-market segments to narrow the audience. Also, it’s all about demographics and identity-based targeting these days. Remarketing is essential. Use new ad formats, like Facebook call buttons. Note the flywheel effect – what you do to grow your social media will gain momentum. And you get free clicks when someone replies, favorites, or shares.

How Can Retailers Tap into Social Customers?

csm2Retail businesses can catch up by evaluating goals and tying social media back to other efforts. It’s not enough to have an account and have posts lined up. Listen to your consumers to learn how best to engage. 

Build a community to generate brand loyalty.

Set the tone and know how to deliver your message to the right people. Measure your effectiveness and make sure you have quantifiable benchmarks. Also, get to know your platforms. Focus on the ones that will drive the most returns, but explore other media on which you might thrive.

Facebook Lead Gen Strategies

csm3One strategy to use is funnel-based storytelling. You walk your potential customer down the sales funnel. This works well with brands that have a long conversion funnel, and the steps include meeting the brand, the teaser, and the hook.

You can use carousel ads to tell a story about your brand. Showcase different features, and get people excited. Or, use Mobile Lead Ads. This is an easy two-tap process, but it’s currently in beta, so stay tuned. Facebook for lead gen isn’t currently the norm, but lead gen advertisers need to evolve and be thinking a step ahead.