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Captivating News – Has Topical Trust Flow Replaced PageRank?

Has Topical Trust Flow Replaced PageRank?

csm1The Internet is evolving, and there’s been a major shift from PageRank to topical trust flow. PageRank takes into account more than 200 pieces of information to determine relative value of a site to a user. It’s important for good traffic.

Topical Trust Flow splits up the site’s relevance into a number of categories, based on content and inbound and outbound link data. This is the new “it” factor because it lets you see if a site is relevant in its industry. Google is building a value-based internet, with content that is beneficial to users. Creating high-quality content is the most important part of any SEO strategy, and Google may depend more on topical-based metrics in the future.

Effective SEO Isn’t Simply About Creating Great Content

csm2Yes, sites should be concentrating on creating content that people want to read. But SEO can still give you an advantage over competitors. Optimizing headlines, using keywords intelligently, and effective internal linking still matter. 

However, sites should keep an eye on their link profiles.

Sites still need to use best practice SEO techniques, if only as an insurance policy to avoid the risk of Google penalties. Site owners should create additional sources of traffic outside of Google. Small businesses aren’t necessarily at a disadvantage even if they lack SEO expertise, because they can be flexible and make decisions faster.

Save Time on Curating Content for Social Media

csm3Content curation can be a time-consuming process. Simplify the process by automating it. Use DrumUp and Feedly to feed you the content you need. Some tools let you schedule weeks in advance. Curate content from influences. This adds to your content and helps you start a conversation with influencers.

Cut back on the number of social profiles – otherwise, you end up having to produce and share more to stay active on all platforms, which takes times. Follow a schedule, and process content suggestions in batches, so your effort lasts longer. Use analytics to curate the right kind of content. What’s getting the highest engagement? Use this data to understand the content preferences of your audience.

Articles Still Have Value in Organic SEO

Article Marketing SEOOver the years, article marketing has played a significant role for websites undergoing organic search optimization campaigns.

With recent changes in Google search, most SEOs are pushing social media as the be all, end all to SEO and are writing off article marketing as a viable resource for building rankings and driving qualified traffic to their clients’ websites.

The fact of the matter is, writing articles is still a highly effective means of achieving rankings. When done properly, articles contain useful information that can obtain high authority (PageRank or PR) just like any other web page out there can.

If your article is valuable, people are more inclined to link to your article, thus boosting your Page Rank and creating an excellent resource for building backlinks for organic search benefits.

As we’ve noted before, because of Google’s recent changes, link building from contextually relevant sources such as articles or blogs related to your industry or topic is critically important to organic search success – especially when those articles have gained an authoritative PageRank.

Write With a Purpose and a Focus

Don’t just write an article for the sake of writing an article. Write the article with a purpose. Provide educational information in your article about the topic that you’re covering. This information provides value to readers on your specific topic and makes you an authoritative voice on your subject matter.

Focus is the second key to writing a valuable article. Articles should be narrowly focused on one or two closely related topics within your industry. This method also provides a higher rate of contextual relevancy for the article, as well as future articles that are produced on related topics. For example, if your company provides organic SEO services, then producing articles about organic search engine optimization topics surrounding small businesses and local markets would be the most contextually relevant article topics with the most value for your organic search rankings.

When you offer readers excellent and informative content that speaks about niche topics and includes valuable takeaway information, your articles can produce amazing advantages for your Internet marketing strategy.

Speak to Your Readers

Before you jump into writing your article, take some time to plot out the information you want to present to your readers and do so from their point of view. What information is the most helpful to them as they read your article?

If you are an Atlanta Realtor, think about what article topics would most benefit your audience. Articles about the local real estate market or tips on how to sell your home might be helpful to consumers who are looking for a qualified realtor.

Always be thinking of what information is the most beneficial to your target audience and develop articles that have valuable information and takeaway points that help build trust with your readers and authority as a go-to source for your industry.

Discover the Value of Articles

Don’t believe SEOs who tell you that articles aren’t valuable anymore. Articles can certainly provide many benefits to your organic SEO strategy, including:

  • Building authoritative back links to your website

  • Increase brand visibility by writing valuable content that ranks well in the search results

  • Create more inbound search traffic to your website
  • Building authority and trust with consumers as an expert in your industry