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SEO-Driven Online Reputation Management Strategies

SEO Driven Reputation Management
Both businesses and professionals need to take ownership of the search results that reflect their name, in addition to the products and services they provide. Effective SEO can help to control the search results that impact one’s reputation, helping to optimize the online sentiment surrounding a brand or professional. Explore search first online reputation management strategies that are driven by SEO and other avenues of Internet marketing.

Local SEO Best Practices for Atlanta Small Businesses

Local SEO Best Practices for Atlanta Small Businesses
With 2017 just a few months of way, now is good time for Atlanta small businesses to check-in with their local SEO strategy. There have been a lot of changes to both local and organic search over the last several months, indicating a need for some businesses to adapt. To help you reassess, below we share a few local SEO best practices for Atlanta small businesses.

Captivating News – Tweets Now Appearing in Google Desktop Searches

Tweets Now Appearing in Google Desktop Searches

csm1 Google has announced that real-time tweets, which already appear in mobile search results, will now show up in desktop searches as well. This is a big step, since the majority of searches are still conducted via desktop. These will definitely guide customer behavior.

This means that brands must be aware of Twitter conversations that occur around your keywords and search terms. Also, it’s worth noting that if there is no trending topic, searchers get results from the brand’s official Twitter handle. However, if there is a trending tweet, the conversation around that will be included. The Google/Twitter arrangement, however, is involving.

Online Reputation Management

csm3Most people don’t give this topic a thought until forced to. If there are negative posts, flood the same keywords with positive mentions. Create a list of keywords affected, and a list of negative URLs. Optimize your top-tier social profiles, and register your second-tier ones. Become a contributor at high-profile sites. Link to your social profiles. Repeat and track.

Keep your reputation clean by claiming your name everywhere. Promote your brand actively. Don’t forget multimedia (YouTube, Flickr, SlideShare). Get ahead of the curve so that you don’t find yourself in a PR crisis.

Holding a Facebook Live Hangout

csm2You can now stream live Hangouts right on your Facebook fan page. It’s beneficial because it allows you to be personable, form a community, establish credibility, generate leads, and sell via a call to action.

To execute, set a benchmark for value where you can consistently over-deliver. Communicate your start and end time in advance. Think about lighting, speed, and quality video. Test your sound and visuals before you start. Create video interviews, online coaching or critiques, customer support, launch parties, live classes, presentations, and virtual office hours. You’ll stream through your channel on YouTube through the “new live event” button.

Captivate’s Chris Everett Speaks at Georgia Highlands College

Chris Everett Speaks at Georgia Highlands College
Colleges and universities all across the country offer diverse academic programs that prepare students for the workforce. Georgia Highlands College is taking its workforce preparation a step further with its “Passport to Success” – 4 days of presentations and programs geared toward preparing its students to find good jobs after graduation.