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Local SEO: Citations & Backlinks (And Why Your Business Needs Them)

Local SEO Citations & Backlinks
The perplexing nature of local SEO presents a unique challenge to even the most savvy marketers. Google takes into consideration many different off-site factors to determine the organic, local, and Google Maps rankings (yes there are three possible placements in which your business can be found; four if you count PPC). The ideas surrounding on-site SEO are an entirely different beast. So in this post, we’re going to focus on two of the biggest off-site variables that influence local SEO: citations and backlinks.

Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

Captivating News – The Power of Organic Ranking

The Power of Organic Ranking

csm1To prevent misusing known ranking factors, first build a good-looking link profile. Google is after quality, not quantity and ranks websites organically accordingly. Focus on topically-related websites, don’t use keyword-focused anchor text, avoid linking to penalized and adult sites, and don’t link to directory sites.

Don’t buy links, and don’t participate in link networks. 

Don’t stuff your web content with keywords; don’t repeat keywords over and over, use synonyms, and use term relationships.

Produce high-quality content by knowing your audience, avoiding misspellings, doing your research, and adding headings and sub-headings. Keep the user experience in mind and optimize your site and fix navigation to that end. Don’t use sitewide links too much.

Conducting Keyword Research

csm2Keyword optimization isn’t dead, although use in SEO has evolved. People still start with keyword searches on search engines, and they still want to see relevant content. Longtail keywords are important because they have a high conversion rate. You’ll still want to optimize for these, even as you use keywords more lightly.

Use different approaches to researching keywords, like tools. Create a content framework and assign keywords to it. Use keywords in your title and description, external content, and social media updates. Monitor them, update them, see how people are getting to you, and act on performance.

The Secret Behind Social Loyalty

csm3It’s all about the long term. You can’t build a social community overnight, so don’t give up too soon. Social is about planting seeds for the future, and it includes PR, HR, customer service, community relations, and more.

You need to do two things daily: Check your social notifications and make sure that comments, wall posts, and messages are answered. And post every day. Don’t take the weekend off. If you don’t post, you lose an opportunity to engage with your community. Schedule seven posts for the whole week.