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How to Optimize Your Site for SEO Performance

Optimize Website for SEO Performance
What makes a website perform from an SEO perspective? It’s a dynamic mix of content, user-experience, and web development. Strategic SEO needs the entire web industry – from writers and marketers, to developers and designers. Here are some SEO optimization strategies you need to adopt to ensure that your site is performing to the highest possible SEO standard.

“Mobilegeddon” is Fast Approaching. Are You Ready?

Google Mobilegeddon Approaching
As an SEO company, nothing gets our attention more than signals that Google has changed, or is about to dramatically change its algorithm. In the last 4 years, Google has made sweeping changes to its algorithm with Panda in 2011 (low quality websites), Penguin in 2012 (link spam), Hummingbird in 2013 (search query context) Pigeon in 2014 (local search positioning). On April 21, 2015, Google will unleash its latest major algorithm update, referred to in the Internet industry as “Mobilegeddon”, which will focus on the Mobile Friendliness of your website.

Why Responsive Web Design is Crucial for Mobile SEO

Mobile Responsive Web Design for Mobile SEO
If you’re already on the web or currently building a website for your business, you know how important getting it right the first time is. While great content and concise design are important elements, ensuring that your site is functional and attractive across a wide variety of devices is quickly becoming an essential piece to the pie.