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How Local Business Results Are Shown On Google Search

Google Local Search Results
Depending on the keyword query, there are many different ways in which local business results are shown on Google search. In this post, we go into greater detail behind the types of search results that local businesses can leverage for greater visibility. From local SEO to PPC advertising, there are many ways to help your local business become found in Google search.

Captivating News – Improving Your Click-Through Rate

Improving Your Click-Through Rate

csm1If your email newsletter has poor click-through, try using buttons instead of links for key calls-to-action. Share something unexpected that needs to be clicked on, but use this strategy sparingly. Write your call-to-action like a headline.

Use more pictures and less text. Utilize videos. Offer expert commentary. Personalize your message to trigger emotion in the reader. Hire a good copywriter, who can craft engaging content and link it to a call-to-action. Make your subject lines time-sensitive. Use power words – action verbs like “annihilates” instead of “beats.” And show consumers what’s in it for them.

Looking at Local Search

Old Google was easy to game, but local results are now solid and difficult to fake. Three characteristics are critical: proximity, relevancy, and prominence. You should consider the device; mobile users may need to make a quick decision on the fly. Desktop users might be more interested in delivery.

Google My Business is the place to start. Implement Schema and use links, social signals, and no-followed links. Reviews are crucial for brand management, but aren’t the catalyst to top rankings they used to be. However, Google will get better at filtering them. Keep things simple and return to basics.

Things Great Brands Do on Instagram

csm3To use Instagram properly, look to companies like LEGO, which uses memorable images and video. Mercedes Benz created a multitude of accounts, allowing people to build their own GLA model, then take it in to their local dealership. This got them 20,000 new followers for very little effort.

XBox now has a huge Instagram fan base because of a cheeky and cool account full of great, themed photos. Red Bull offers a short and sweet video that’s satisfying and immediate. H&M doesn’t use models for its products, which allows people to apply their imagination. So, focus on products and timelines, build anticipation, maximize interaction, and make your photos incredible.