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How Local Business Results Are Shown On Google Search

Google Local Search Results
Depending on the keyword query, there are many different ways in which local business results are shown on Google search. In this post, we go into greater detail behind the types of search results that local businesses can leverage for greater visibility. From local SEO to PPC advertising, there are many ways to help your local business become found in Google search.

Captivating News – Reducing Touchpoints on the Social Media Conversion Funnel

Reducing Touchpoints on the Social Media Conversion Funnel

csm1 Touchpoints can slow buyers down more than they guide. Trim the fat by targeting influencers.  This will make affinity groups, which can pull a buyer into different directions, unnecessary. Optimize landing pages for social; they should convey a value proposition to visitors who may not be familiar with your brand.

Get converted buyers to recommend you through social requests. Use case studies to get customers to bypass reviews, which can be trolled or sabotaged, and testimonials, which are easily fabricated. Use native advertising – specifically, paid tweets – to eliminate touchpoints. These are 30 times more likely to result in direct purchases.

Tips for Super-Effective PPC

csm2You may not be able to compete nationally without a huge budget, but big companies don’t know your local market. So, look at your books and spend money on only your most profitable products and services. 

Use Google Search Console to identify your most useful keywords and create ad groups just for them. Organize your ad groups and copy based on cities.

Be locally relevant. Make your callouts and site links local. Beef up your ad extensions. Add your zip code to ad copy and display URL. Then talk about stuff only locals know about. Add some local flavor to your ad, especially if convenience and travel time is relevant to your audience.

Local SEO: Don’t Rely on Paid Inclusion

csm3Natural SEO is better because there are pitfalls to paid local programs – once you cancel your subscription, enhanced content is no longer available; revenue sharing makes these programs expensive; and no long-term equity is established. Paid links will be penalized by Google.

Don’t wait for an algorithm update to adapt. Long-term organic SEO builds accurate citations because you are developing relationships, localized content, and identifying contacts in your local network. Subversive tactics are dead, and paid local programs will work less as search engines update their technologies.