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Captivating News – Increasing E-commerce Sales with Killer Product Pages

Increasing E-Commerce Sales with Killer Product Pages

csm2Best practices for your e-commerce product page include putting your shopper at ease; provide clear copy, visual guides, instructions. Make sure to have customer reviews, which are well trusted by users. Use creative copy and create a strong sense of urgency. Provide all necessary context – how do you care for the product? Is it easy to assemble?

Also: experiment with exit intent popovers – they work. Leverage the power of social media, including product hashtags. Make sure your product page are mobile-friendly. Turn one-time shoppers into long-term customers by remarketing and engaging, and getting to know what they want.

SEO Myths to Stop Believing

One myth about SEO is that meta descriptions aren’t important, but these snippets that you see on search pages do impact your click-through rate. Another myth says that H1 tags are very important, but it’s in how you use them to make items easier to read.

Another myth: more is always better. Actually, better is always better. It’s about quality links, not how many you have. Also, some say there are an optimal number of words for content, but there isn’t. Again, quality is key. The biggest myth says that SEO is easy, but there’s no playbook; everyone has different ways of doing it, and different things work for different sites.

Creating An Un-Skippable LinkedIn Post

csm3To write posts that stand out, first pick the right topic – something of interest to busy, working professionals. Use photos, but stay away from video. Research says multimedia cuts back on the number of people who see your post, perhaps because videos tend to be either amusing or long, which goes against the LinkedIn vibe.

Write for interaction. Embed questions in your piece or add a call to action. Don’t ramble; get your ideas across and focus on good writing. Also, because you can insert mistakes if you’re going at it fast and furious, institute a one-day ban on publishing – take a 24-hour reputation management breather to help you stay in the zone.

Leverage Barnacle SEO to Bolster Your Local SEO Strategy

Barnacle SEO for Local SEO Strategy
There are many local SEO strategies available to the common search marketer; however, most strategies surround optimizing only the website of a business. But when you take a look at Google SERPs for geo-modified queries like Dentists in Gainesville GA, it's not uncommon to see directories and other authoritative domains like,, and holding the top rankings.

7 Takeaways from Inbound Marketing Day Atlanta 2015

7 Takeaways from Atlanta Inbound Marketing Day 2015
In a world where we increasingly rely on digital content to make decisions, and our technological devices to communicate, we are now witnessing digital marketing evolve to focus on a very powerful, yet innate and familiar concept – storytelling.

Top Social Media Sites to Supplement Your SEO Strategy

Top Social Media Sites for SEO

With recent advancements in Google’s search algorithms, it’s no longer a question that social media sites have a profound influence on search engine rankings. Now, the real question is how does social media influence rankings?

The first social variable that impacts local SEO stems from “social signals.” These are Likes, Tweets, +1’s, Pins, Shares, etc. that individuals attribute to a webpage. When a specific page (whether a blog post or YouTube video) has an abundance of social signals, its SEO-value increases (substantially.)

Think of this as Google’s way of knowing that real people find the content of a webpage credible and interesting, and thus deserving of higher search engine rankings.

The second social variable centers on the brand or business’ profile page. In addition to providing a quality link back to its website, some social media websites enable companies to build citations.

Citations, which are simply mentions of a company’s name, address, and phone number, help to make its website appear more credible and legitimate from the perspective of search engines. For local SEO and earning a higher placement in Google’s local search listings, simply put, citations are the bee’s knees. These are important variables that any small business marketer should keep top of mind.

So now that you understand how social media sites influence SEO, let’s get to the good stuff: the top social media sites that can enhance your local Atlanta SEO strategy.

#5 – Pinterest

Pinterest for Local Atlanta SEO MarketingNot only do Pinterest profile pages rank well in the search engines, but you get a nice DoFollow backlink to your website. Setting-up a Pinterest page is super easy.

The time-consuming part is creating pin boards and pinning images (which can be effectively done by investing about 20 minutes a week.)

Local SEO Tip: When building your Pinterest page, use keywords to describe your pinboards, as well as define the URL and description of your profile page (e.g. “Atlanta Tax Attorney”)

#4 – Facebook

Facebook for Local Atlanta SEO MarketingSimilar to Pinterest, Facebook profile pages can also rank in top of the search results (depending on how competitive a keyword is.) Beyond supplementing your Atlanta SEO strategy, Facebook offers a massive and widespread audience to connect with.

Local SEO Tip: Again just like Pinterest, try to include your keyword targets in the profile page’s URL and respectively in the description content. Also, include a link (or better yet, a clearly-visible icon) on your website that links to your Facebook page. This will help promote more likes and help grow your audience (making your page more authoritative for SEO.)

#3 – Twitter

Twitter for Local Atlanta SEO MarketingTwitter carries a great deal of SEO potential for a Atlanta small businesses. Tweets and re-tweets are among the most powerful social signals for SEO. So when you share your website’s content on Twitter, and it’s well-liked amongst your followers, its overall ranking potential increases.

Local SEO Tip: Take the time to reach-out, follow, and re-tweet posts of like-minded influencers and businesses in Atlanta. The greater the following you can cultivate, the greater exposure (and social signal potential) your tweets will have.

#2 – LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Local Atlanta SEO MarketingFrom a search engine perspective, LinkedIn is one of the most trusted and authoritative social domains. This why you see LinkedIn pages of both professionals and companies ranking well in the search results (similar to Facebook and Pinterest pages.)

LinkedIn “shares” are also incredibly potent for SEO. And at the very least, by creating a LinkedIn profile for your Atlanta business, you get a quality backlink to your website, as well as trusted citation.

Local SEO Tip: Just like Twitter (and virtually all social media platforms,) connect with as many colleagues and friends as you can. A strong LinkedIn following will increase your page’s search engine authority, in addition to increasing the likelihood that your LinkedIn posts get shared. You can also include keywords in your page’s content, but be careful not to degrade the quality of your page with over-optimization.

#1 – Google+

Google+ for Local Atlanta SEO MarketingAlthough an emerging social media platform (and one many small businesses overlook,) Google+ offers incredible SEO potential in many respects. Google+ Local pages (which have replaced Google Places pages) are what appear in the Google Local search listings (the dedicated local results accompanied by the map with little pins.)

A well-populated Google+ Local page will empower your small business’ ranking potential in these listings. Additionally, Google+ page also provides a backlink as well as citation for you website.

What’s nice is that you do not need spend a lot managing a Google+ page for your Atlanta business. Simply building a presence and ensuring your page contains accurate information will provide significant SEO benefits.

Local SEO Tip: After you’ve built a Google+ page for your Atlanta business, include the suggested “site verification” link on your website (directing back to the Google+ page.) This linking tells Google that your company’s website and Google+ page are one of the same entity. This can be found on your profile page (while in edit mode,) and essentially it ties everything together.