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The Age of Social Media Algorithms

Age of Social Media Algorithms
When those of us in the search marketing industry hear the word “algorithm” it has historically been in reference to search giant, Google, and the continual updates it makes to its ranking algorithm. With Google's success serving up the best content to its users, it's no surprise that Social Media channels are taking notice and implementing their own algorithms to deliver their users the content they love.

Captivating News – Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

Twitter Making Push Into Video Content

csm2 Twitter this week unveiled two big updates. The first is that users can now upload video content through the Twitter desktop application, and new editing tools are available. Previously, you could only do this through mobile. Videos must be under 512MB and 30 seconds in length, but a new trimming tool lets you edit this.

Twitter has also announced changes to video ad offerings, so it’s easier for advertisers to run pre-roll ads on organic content without having existing publisher-advertiser deals in place. Reports suggest the ad revenue split would be 70 percent to the publisher, which is better than other platforms.

What Mobile Users Really Want

csm1It’s not just information, it’s how the information is presented. In a survey mobile users said they tend to search for restaurants, followed by entertainment options and retail businesses. These are all on-the-go needs. They want contact information and business hours displayed prominently, and click-to-call is a bonus.

Prices are also important, along with directions and photos. Testimonials, video, social media links, informational articles and blog posts were sought after by some respondents. The more easily navigable information a site can have, the better. Bad web design is a killer, but many people have discovered new businesses through phone searches.

Reasons Brands Should Be on Instagram Now

csm3Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms, second only to Facebook now. It’s popular with younger demographics, but advertisers have only recently started to adopt it, so there are opportunities available.

There’s a sense of community on Instagram that develops organically on Instagram, and engagement is a given because it’s easy and numbers can get high. Also, many Instagram users are based outside the U.S., so you can communicate globally. There’s room for creativity, with filters and other tools. And Instagrammers are open to new perspectives and discovery. Advertising is subtler, but there’s a window of opportunity now.

Captivating News – Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

Improving Your Social Media Customer Service

csm1More and more people turn to social media to interact with brands, so social media customer service is no longer a choice – it’s an essential piece of your strategy. This is real-time interaction, and can sometimes offer the only available communication tool in a crisis.

Flexibility and efficiency and an understanding of process and customer experience are required. You must have tools in place to alert you to indirect mentions. Agents must be carefully profiled, with a knowledge of both customer service and marketing. A digital trail means that brand showcasing must be done here. Deal with direct comments, high-ranking influencers, and priorities first. Move issues to private, but close with a public comment. Create content to answer common questions.

Avoiding Budget Horror Stories

csm2Use campaign budgets to set a maximum dollar amount for all keywords, and use shared budgets for campaigns with similar searcher intent and volume size. Initially, you can set a daily budget based on the number of campaigns and organizational goals, then gather data to adjust allocation by important metrics.

Then, you can maximize budgets. Set them higher on priority campaigns, explore performance estimates, use Accelerated Serving, and control relevancy through negative keywords. A budget can also be micro-tuned. Set a Standard budget, to serve ads evenly. Use data to determine the best times of day and days of the week to run ads. Analyze performance by geography and adjust geo-targeting and bid modifiers.

What Photos Get the Most Likes on Instagram?

csm3Sometimes it’s the superficial stuff that can make all the difference. The lighter the image, the better. Give people more background and less close-up. Images with blue as the dominant color  are better-liked than those with red. Images with lower saturation get more likes than those with more.

A single dominant color generates more favorable interaction. Also go for images with high levels of texture. And, believe it or not, duck-face selfies generate 1,112 percent more likes than traditional selfies. This information comes to you from Curalate, which examined image features with custom image-analysis algorithms.

Today’s Captivating News – Instagram Landscape and Portrait Modes Are Here!

Instagram Landscape and Portrait Mode Are Here!

csm1Instagram has just introduced a huge change. You can now use landscape and portrait modes for photos and videos, instead of just the traditional squares. This means you can post images as they were originally shot, without cropping using a third-party app.

The company says about one in five photos or images aren’t square. Now, you can choose your photo or video, tap the new format icon on the bottom left to adjust the orientation, choose your filters, and share. Your screen’s photo grid will remain square – any media in another shape appears as a center-cropped square. Also, all filters can also now be used for all types of media.

Becoming an Online Influencer

csm3Becoming an online influencer isn’t terribly difficult. Get yourself featured on expert round-ups, when they’re quoted on a specific topic. The experts make you look like one, and those experts will share the round-up with their own followers. 

Guest-post on authoritative websites. Give them a pitch, offer a bribe such as free publicity, free use of your products, or money.

Get interviewed. When you do this, give people a hook for interviewing you and let them know how they can benefit from the interview. Interview other influencers yourself; when people see you don’t that, they’ll think of you as one. Publish your own ebook to propel your status.

Which Platforms Deserve Your Advertising?

csm2On Facebook, you’ll want to build a loyal community using promoted posts, direct ads, and boosted posts. On Twitter, you want to create brand awareness, promote content and build awareness. Use promoted accounts, tweets, and trends to target based on keywords, interests and device. 

On LinkedIn, you get looked at by B2B professionals, and you can advertise with direct ads and sponsored updates. You can target based on company, industry, seniority, and job function.

YouTube targets businesses who want to broadcast with video ads that appear in-stream and in-display. Instagram is good for promotion, with a young and engaged audience. Sponsored photos and videos look natural on your feed. Also consider Google Plus, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and Four Square.

Captivating News – Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

Ways to Convert More Mobile Users

csm1More than half of all traffic to e-commerce sites comes from mobile devices, but conversion rates are low. Change this by stepping up to cross-device targeting, because today’s consumers are multi-platform users.

Create more push notifications, and offer unique, personalized content. 

Use more video. How-tos, DIY tips, product demos, and even home-made videos can go viral. Note that over half of all searches on mobiles have local intent, and 61 percent of those searches result in a purchase. Also, embrace mobile payment options. They’re the credit cards of the future, so adopt them soon.

How to Master Instagram

csm3Instagram can be a real powerhouse for all kinds of companies. Get started by taking it easy. Fill out your profile and get to know the program and its options before posting. Use hashtags, as 
they are a key way of standing out on Instagram. Make sure hashtags are relevant.

Write descriptions of what you post; use keywords and details of your business. Follow instructions on image size, because it can be hard to get it right on Instagram. Be active. Instagram may require more a bit more interactivity than other places to build momentum. Relate to your public and understand your public.Don’t post so often, or it’ll look like you’re trying too hard. Promote!

Establishing A Professional Twitter Account

csm2Don’t just get by with an incomplete and unprofessional account. Complete your profile and optimize your bio. This is a simple task, but must be done in an honest and polished way.

Connect with authorities in your niche. Engage with these people, contribute, retweet. Add value to the conversation. 

Share valuable content often. Set up a content calendar; don’t post just for the sake of posting, or you’ll become a nuisance. then, analyze and improve. Use tools like Twitter Analytics. Twitter is a powerful tool for content discovery, communication, and networking, used properly.

Captivating News – Improving Your Click-Through Rate

Improving Your Click-Through Rate

csm1If your email newsletter has poor click-through, try using buttons instead of links for key calls-to-action. Share something unexpected that needs to be clicked on, but use this strategy sparingly. Write your call-to-action like a headline.

Use more pictures and less text. Utilize videos. Offer expert commentary. Personalize your message to trigger emotion in the reader. Hire a good copywriter, who can craft engaging content and link it to a call-to-action. Make your subject lines time-sensitive. Use power words – action verbs like “annihilates” instead of “beats.” And show consumers what’s in it for them.

Looking at Local Search

Old Google was easy to game, but local results are now solid and difficult to fake. Three characteristics are critical: proximity, relevancy, and prominence. You should consider the device; mobile users may need to make a quick decision on the fly. Desktop users might be more interested in delivery.

Google My Business is the place to start. Implement Schema and use links, social signals, and no-followed links. Reviews are crucial for brand management, but aren’t the catalyst to top rankings they used to be. However, Google will get better at filtering them. Keep things simple and return to basics.

Things Great Brands Do on Instagram

csm3To use Instagram properly, look to companies like LEGO, which uses memorable images and video. Mercedes Benz created a multitude of accounts, allowing people to build their own GLA model, then take it in to their local dealership. This got them 20,000 new followers for very little effort.

XBox now has a huge Instagram fan base because of a cheeky and cool account full of great, themed photos. Red Bull offers a short and sweet video that’s satisfying and immediate. H&M doesn’t use models for its products, which allows people to apply their imagination. So, focus on products and timelines, build anticipation, maximize interaction, and make your photos incredible.

Captivating News – Instagram Community Management Tips

Instagram Community Management Tips

csm1Instagram is becoming a major contender, with more monthly active users than Twitter. To manage your community, check your notifications often so you don’t miss anything. Make sure to reply to comments, and get conversations going. Add usernames to your content, so those people you’re engaging with will be notified. 

Encourage users to tag their friends.

Use Iconosquare, or other third-party, web-based services, to make it more convenient to check notifications on PC. Use Instagram Direct to run comment-to-win giveaways. And check hashtags for your brand name – engage with likes and comments. Feature user-generated content.

Why Email Split Testing is Essential

csm2Most email marketers measure campaign results with sales, but that’s not good enough. You should test for: number of emails opened, how many subscribers clicked on the call-to-action link, the number of people who reach the landing page, the number of sales or opt-ins, and the number of unsubscribers.

The best way to do this is A/B split testing with a significant number of people. Send email A to 25 percent of your list, send email B to 25 percent of the list, and send the best email to the remaining 50 percent. Keep your campaigns consistent, and keep testing simple.

Search Marketing Lessons from Nature

We can apply principles of nature to business. Nature loves good marketing – like mating displays – and you can attract mutually beneficent partners with a minimum of effort. First, observe and interact. Explore the keyword environment, find out if there are untapped niches in the marketplace, and adapt to the market.

Catch and store energy. Our campaigns represent expended energy – thought, planning, ad spend. But they also generate energy in the form of interest, discussion, feedback, leads, sales, and referrals. Obtain a yield; get something back in the short term that’s real, motivating, and provides feedback. Long-term yields are good, but don’t get into dead ends.

Captivating News – Evergreen Pages as SEO Powerhouses

Evergreen Pages as SEO Powerhouses

csm1What is an evergreen page? It’s a single page on your website that consistently earns organic traffic for a given keyword. It is a comprehensive strategy, not a method. Evergreen pages include product category pages, as they are the pages most likely to rank, and easier to focus on than every single product page. They also include content-driven pages and home pages.

Create evergreen pages by picking a single longtail keyword. Create a keyword-driven URL. Optimize your title. Make sure to use an optimized H1. Stock your evergreen page with quality content. Update the page frequently: 25 percent every 1-3 months is ideal. Add additional pages and make sure there’s a consistent rate of link acquisition.

Are Landing Pages Killing Your Conversion Rate?

csm2If you’re celebrating .5 percent increases, your landing page may be killing your conversions. Consider trying some new things. Use call extensions instead of landing pages. Use new ad formats and ditch the actual landing page altogether.

Compel more site visitors by using Shopping Ads or new industry-specific ad formats for hotels, cars, and mortgages (if applicable). Use Ad Customizers to create urgency. Use Similar Audiences to find visitors more likely to convert. Use remarketing to convert abandoners. Try a new sign up flow. Remember, you have the power to change things – and big changes produce big results.

Are You Ready for Instagram’s Open Advertising?

csm3By the end of the year, you’ll be able to by ad space on Instagram’s photo feed. Possible cool visual strategies include utilizing the already-available Carousel Ads, which are multiple images accessible by swiping. It’s a good chance for brands to tell stories or show step-by-step processes.

Also, ads will include click-through buttons for selling directly on Instagram. Consider using these options to do a visual series related to a theme, incorporate visual hooks, create original content that works for your brand, or make something fun.

Captivating News – Instagram Marketing Best Practices

Instagram Marketing Best Practices

csm1To make the most of Instagram, be sure to use high-quality images. Instagram photo editors and apps can make a big difference in this area. Use your images to tell a story – about an event, a new project, a line of products.

Engage with fans. If they’re following you, they’re already interested in what you have to offer. Make it a point to like others’ photos, follow people on other social media platforms, and listen to feedback and comments. Take advantage of hashtags, which reign supreme on Instagram. And reward your followers with discounts, exclusive content, priority, or promoting their good works.

Keywords on Mobile Aren’t Comparable to Desktop

csm2Smartphone searches now exceed desktop searches in 10 countries. Mobile click-through rates appear to be highest for shorter keywords. Meanwhile, more keywords as part of a query appear to increase the conversion rate, which suggests that more specific searches means consumers have a deeper intent to buy.

It seems that people keep things simple on mobile versus desktop searches. Also, mobile cost per click increases as keyword length goes up. The better the conversion rate, the higher the CPC bid can be set. Mobile is the biggest mover SEO has seen in some time, so think “mobile first.”

Caring About Micro-Content

csm3Why should we care about micro-content? Because status updates, images, Vine videos, and Instagram photos can grab attention and be effective lead generation tools. Your one-liners and headlines matter the most here. Be short and interesting. Do not be overly vague, but don’t give everything away.

These principles apply to tweets and other social media posts. Use images and videos. Know your audience and your potential market. Make your linked content worth the click. Micro-content isn’t a stand-alone product, so make sure it’s backed up with good, quality, long-form content.