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SEO Content Strategy: 5 Steps to Growing Traffic & Links Organically

SEO Content Strategy 5 Steps to Growing Traffic Links Organically
Whether for local businesses, online brands, business consultants or service providers - in any context across the board, it’s no secret that content marketing is a powerful tool for SEO. But what defines “SEO content strategy”? Why the hell does everyone still agree that “content is king”...? And why does Joanne in marketing always say “we need to blogging more” at every company meeting?

Captivating News – Gmail Sponsored Promotions Available!

Gmail Sponsored Promotions Available!

csm1Gmail Sponsored Promotions has been released from beta and is available to all advertisers. It helps you target users based on their Gmail activity – by crawling through inboxes to find keywords you’re bidding on. If there’s a match, your ad can serve in the inbox of the user with the match.

The best way to leverage GSP is to bid on your competitors’ domains. You can also target businesses with the same market who aren’t competitors. GSP is part of the Display Network, so target display, set up a campaign targeting Gmail, and adjust your budgets. Setup is under Ad Gallery/Gmail Ads. Pick a template and fill it out, then get some cheap clicks!

Save a Floundering Blogger Relationship

csm2It can be discouraging when a relationship with a blogger ceases to exist – and it’s different with every blogger. You need to bring something of value to the table, or you can be ignored.

Craft a better pitch. Browse their site, read recent articles, so you can reference something you found interesting and make a sincere compliment. Don’t give up. After all, bloggers are sometimes doing this in their spare time, and may take time to respond. Turn to social media and connect with them there. This increases your exposure, and proves that you’ve put effort into the relationship. Don’t be a robot; humanize your conversation, and respond in an attractive manner.

Market to Millennials on Snapchat

csm3Advertising turns off millennials, so Snapchat uses geo-filters to integrate an organic way for brands to engage with audiences. These are in-app stickers users can add to note their location and events they’re attending. Millennials like these because they’re fun, easy, and different, and add context to a snap.

Advertising through sponsored geo-filters is successful because of their fluid integration to the user experience. McDonald’s, Universal Studios, and Nike have successfully used them to raise awareness. However, it’s too early to tell if geo-filters are having a good effect on revenue and sales.