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The Power of Paid Social Media for SEO Purposes

paid social media for seo purposes
The use of paid social media for SEO purposes is nothing new or original. Many search marketers are slaying it by boosting resourceful content to incredibly targeted audiences. In turn, they’re driving more traffic, engagement, and links to their sites - all of which are SEO factors that impact rankings. I wanted to scribe a quick perspective piece underscoring the value in paid social media for SEO. Not only are we starting to do a lot of it here at Captivate, but I believe the “paid social SEO strategy” to be naturally intuitive to most creative and open-minded search marketers.

Captivating News – Announcing Google Search Console

Announcing Google Search Console

csm1Google has announced that Google Webmaster Tools will now be Google Search Console. This change reflects the changing roles and goals of its users, who include everyone from hobbyists to SEO experts and programmers. The tools aren’t just for webmasters anymore!

The intention of the change is to make the tools more useful for those who use Google Search Console to diagnose and improve the visibility of their content in search. The new branding will roll out over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

Effective Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

csm2Facebook is the single most powerful consumer database in the world. So, learn to make the most of paid ads on Facebook. Start with geography and target appropriate locations. Use data Facebook collects on purchase behavior to serve ads to the right users. Create Custom Audiences and look at the conversion rates of each group to find out where your money is best spent. Remarket to people who have previously clicked on one or your ads.

Remember, smaller audiences are sometimes better than big ones, if they’re properly focused and targeted. Don’t delay, and don’t ignore Facebook’s utility as an ad platform.

Links on Landing Pages: To Link or Not to Link?

csm3Not all marketers agree on how to design landing pages to maximize leads. Should you incorporate links? Many experts say no, don’t distract your visitors – but data says websites re doing this anyway. Most popular landing page links include the Logo, Privacy, Contact, About, and Twitter. Site links and social links are also found useful.

Landing pages are designed to generate leads, and the goal is to do this right on the page. However, different industries will have different best practices. Testing is a good way to discover how best to offer links off-page, so now’s the time to work on that.