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The Power of Paid Social Media for SEO Purposes

paid social media for seo purposes
The use of paid social media for SEO purposes is nothing new or original. Many search marketers are slaying it by boosting resourceful content to incredibly targeted audiences. In turn, they’re driving more traffic, engagement, and links to their sites - all of which are SEO factors that impact rankings. I wanted to scribe a quick perspective piece underscoring the value in paid social media for SEO. Not only are we starting to do a lot of it here at Captivate, but I believe the “paid social SEO strategy” to be naturally intuitive to most creative and open-minded search marketers.

Captivating News – Humanizing Your Email Marketing

Humanizing Your Email Marketing

csm1Before you send off emails, ask yourself if they are interesting, and relevant. Would you want to read them? Are you creating value and educating the user? Are you encouraging action?

One easy way to increase engagement is to have emails come from an individual. You can also encourage engagement by posing a question. Also, make sure to incorporate relevant visual content to draw in readers and make text easier to scan. Personalize as much as possible. Be entertaining – add some humor and personality. Your emails are an extension of your brand.  Send “just because” emails – ones that aren’t selling anything, just lets recipients know they’re important.

Funky-Fresh Facebook Ads

csm2Facebook has gone all in to provide businesses with tools. It offers a Call Now button that is important for lead generation, so people can call you right from the ad. Also, Facebook product ads are like Google’s dynamic remarketing display ads. They use Facebook’s targeting parameters, or the consumer’s history on your site, to serve ads.

Facebook has extended carousel ads to mobile, and allows you to display multiple images with different links within one ad unit. Updated ad tools such as Power Editor and Ads Manager have added functionality. Facebook earlier this year released an Ads Manager app to track, edit, schedule, and create right from the app. You can now use animated GIFs, too.

What Not to Do With Your Content Marketing

csm3Easily preventable content mistakes can be well-publicized and spread quickly across the web. These come in all shapes and sizes, from misspellings to blatantly insensitive marketing. You can prevent them with a good content team of planners, writers, and editors – if you don’t, you’re opening yourself up to costly mistakes.

DiGiorno’s #WhyIStayed tweet saying “You had pizza” and Mitt Romney’s app misspelling “America” are examples of crazy content mistakes. A good content team can save you from a lot of embarrassment, in social media, blogs, articles, speeches, and can plan, distribute, and write content that’s suited to your target audience. Our world is connected, and mistakes make companies seem less credible, less authoritative, and less intelligent.

Captivating News – Writing Faster Blog Posts

Writing Faster Blog Posts

csm1The faster you write, the more opportunities you have for messaging. To do this, separate your writing process into stages – ideation, research, planning, drafting, editing. Don’t skip the planning part.

Write during your most creative times of day. Eliminate interruptions. Draft the entire post before you edit it; otherwise, you’ll hamper your forward momentum. Don’t stop to look things up, because it’s disruptive. Use a checklist to remember the elements of your post. Write in a natural, conversational tone. Preview your post before you edit it, and then start your next post before the end of the work day.

How SEO Is All About Good Content

csm2SEO tactics keep changing, but great content makes for great SEO.  It constitutes a holistic, broader segment. Today’s SEO content is geared to the reader and includes research and proper citations as well as a deeper focus on your audience. Quality copywriting is key.

Errors include manipulative guest blogging with no value. Also, keyword-stuffed content is no longer necessary. Optimized anchors violate Google’s guidelines. Low-quality links may be cheap and easy but can bury your website. Instead, focus on proper content and keyword research, rely on freshness and consistency, and create content that works well in vertical search engines that target one subject. Don’t worry about SEO tricks; produce authoritative content. Also, invest in rich multimedia content.

Creating Effective Facebook Ads for Lead Gen

csm3Ads on Facebook aren’t limited to branding and engagement. It can be a very powerful ad platform. When you “Create Ad” you’ll start a campaign. Use the “Increase conversions on your website” option, insert your landing page URL, and generate a tracking pixel. Copy and paste to your site.

Then, use the targeting interface to construct your audience. Create a “Custom Audience” and use “lookalike” audiences to expand your reach. You’ll need to choose a budget option, and then you’ll need to execute on the News Feed. Use an image, and no more than 20 percent copy. Measure effectiveness through reach, frequency, and relevance score.

Captivating News – Behold the Amazing Power of Twitter Hashtags

Behold the Amazing Power of Twitter Hashtags

csm1 Hashtags are an important tool for helping users organize and sort tweets. If you use the right ones, they are insanely powerful. You have an advantage if you’ve worked on building your Twitter following.

If you get early action on your tweet, it stays at the top of the search result for a time. 

If you’re trying to sell all the time, and only looking to your social network for leads, you’re not doing it right. Focus on building an engaged and loyal following who find you interesting. Use hashtags that are relevant to your industry or business. A tool like can help.

Snapchat Announces Change to User Experience

csm2Snapchat has made a major change, switching to tap-to-view. This means users need to tap once on content to view, rather than hold a finger down to view content. Will this change help or hinder Snapchat users?

Other changes include “Add Nearby,” a quick way to add friends to Snapchat while you’re with them. Snapcodes has been upgraded, enabling users to add selfies. Now you can also use Snapcodes via screenshots. Snapchat has also increased security with two-factor authentication. Snapchat says it has 100 million active users viewing 2 billion mobile videos, and “Our Story” content gets tens of millions of views.

More Brands Using Facebook Ads

csm3Reductions in organic reach on Facebook are resulting in more advertising on the platform. Organic growth is at .2 percent in May, with each post’s reach at 8.34 percent. Engagement per post is at 6.61 percent of people reached.

Video content is getting the most organic reach, getting to 11.86 percent of people who “Like” the page. These numbers are higher than April, however, so people may be adjusting to the new landscape of Facebook. It’s constantly evolving, so you’ll have to see where your brand fits in. You need to stay on top of trends to maximize performance.