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Atlanta SEO Strategy: A Multifaceted Approach to Search Marketing

At Captivate Search Marketing, our approach to SEO entails far more than optimizing websites and generating link popularity. We help our Atlanta SEO clients move the needle by leveraging various aspects digital marketing.

Atlanta SEO StrategyFrom social media and content marketing strategies to conversion rate optimization (CRO), we embrace SEO using a multi-faceted approach that produces tangible results.

To shed light on some of these areas, below are a few primary components that go into a typical SEO program with Captivate Search Marketing.

SEO Site Audit

SEO site audits are part of the discovery phase when our team delves into a website to evaluate certain criteria that influence SEO performance. Some of things we look at when auditing a site include:

  • HTML markup and technical composition
  • site architecture and navigation
  • user experience, interface, and overall usability
  • sitemaps
  • URL naming
  • use of page titles and Meta data
  • on-page copy (including headers, text styling elements, etc.)
  • CRO and calls-to-action
  • backlink profile
  • social media linking and verification

By evaluating elements such as these, we can pinpoint various weaknesses and opportunities that will shape an actionable SEO strategy.

Website Optimization

The next phase in actualizing a company’s Atlanta SEO strategy is taking advantage of the opportunities revealed from the site audit. In addition to addressing the site elements listed above, we also look for way to:

  • fix broken links and HTML errors
  • improve site load speed
  • implement Schema and structured data markup
  • construct both HTML and XML sitemaps
  • establish more internal linking
  • develop new pages and optimize content

Each site comes with varying degrees of optimization, so each Atlanta SEO strategy is unique. Our job is to tailor the most effective plan with respect to each client’s current position, their goals, and overall budget. In short, we craft custom SEO programs for our clients.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Unlike some Atlanta SEO companies that focus on generating more traffic, here at Captivate Search Marketing, we help our clients generate quality conversions (i.e. leads, sales, signups, etc.) This is where CRO comes into play.

Atlanta SEO Content Marketing Strategy for CROWe work with our clients to define specific website conversions goals in which they wish to achieve. This form of optimization makes strategic use of call-to-actions (CTAs), copywriting, and web design graphics. The objective is invoke users to take specific action after they land on the website.

There are often different conversion goals for different traffic sources. For instance, the CRO strategy may be completely different for organic search traffic (stemming from SEO) compared to paid search traffic (from AdWords PPC ads). In essence, we seek to provide our Atlanta SEO clients with ROI-driven services that help them realize sustainable growth.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content has been on the forefront of SEO since its inception. However, the evolution of content’s role in SEO goes beyond optimizing web pages for keyword relevancy. Today, SEO thrives on developing content marketing strategies that focus on providing value to users.

For instance, blogging has become a best practice for most companies engaged in SEO. But to take this practice one step further, strategize and prioritize the development of pure-value content that resonates with a target market segment.

In doing so, infuse SEO by tailoring the content around long-tail keywords that answer specific answers. For criminal defense lawyer, an example would be a video or article that address the question “can I beat a DUI charge in Atlanta?”

An article or video on such topic will be both informative and solution-oriented, offering value to a very focus market segment. If the content picks-up traction in social media, not only can attract potential leads (i.e. DUI cases), but it can also earn links and social signals, pouring more and more SEO value back to the site.

Social Media Marketing

Atlanta SEO Social Media StrategySocial media acts as a glue that holds together content marketing and SEO strategies. It also helps to bring in more traffic and higher levels of engagement, two Google ranking factors that often get overlooked by some SEO companies.

While your Atlanta SEO strategy may or may not include the use of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, etc., leveraging some of the these social platforms can provide a solid means to market your business and voice your content. At Captivate, we not only help clients optimize their social media presence with specific SEO techniques, but we also help actualize social media strategies that invoke greater interaction, build more followers, and increase the value of content marketing.

For more information about our Atlanta SEO company and how we can help your business grow in the search, contact us today for a free consultation.

Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

Captivating News – Do You Have to Come First in Search?

Do You Have to Come First in Search?

csm1If you’re not first in the SERPs, it’s bad, right? But search engines are so intuitive, does it matter anymore? Search result snippets (text shown the URL) are achieving higher click-throughs than the results featured above them due to visuals and bright symbols.

You can add rich snippets to your search results through Schema markup, the preferred markup method by Google, Bing, and other search engines. Go to to see the vocabulary you need to markup your page properly. Note that rich media is no guarantee, but it might make your link more attractive. If your content is still poor or irrelevant, it will be judged as such.

If Content Marketing is SEO, How Do You Create Quality?

csm2Content has always been a factor in SEO, though today quality is what you want instead of quantity. We’re not sure what Google perceives as quality, but highly informative content still dominates.

Readability and relevance are obvious points. Cater to your audience, though, and you should be fine. This is true in terms of language, vocabulary and content length. User experience is also important – if your blog is difficult to navigate or aesthetically poor, nobody will stick around for long. Bounce rate also determines your ranking, so think about your design. But be original; create original content, invest in real-world experiences, and diversify your strategy (add video, for example).

How to Write the Perfect Tweet

csm3Be personable. Write as humanly as possible, while keeping your brand identity and tone. Use words like “you,” “we” and “us.” Your audience should know you’re on their side. Ask questions – but not one that requires a yes or no answer.

Offering stats, information, and tips using the word “here” is a good idea. Numbers and facts get great engagement. Use quotes, but make sure they’re good. Put hashtags at the end of your tweet, but no more than four. Know your twitter keywords and use them. Use the headline of the article you’re sharing. Don’t forget to attribute!

Captivating News – New Facebook Publishing Features for High Engagement

New Facebook Post Publishing Features for High Engagement

csm2One new feature on Facebook, Post End Date, removes out-of-date posts from newsfeeds, though they still display on your Page. This is great for limited-time offers, time-sensitive news, and flash sales. Also, Interest Targeting will help your organic posts. You can display category-specific items to target certain audiences.

Recent API updates have been made, including a video API update with enhanced video publishing controls – you can restrict your audience by age, gender, and location; publish straight to the page; or set expiry dates. Applinks now let you promote content within your company’s app. Users can go straight to the app from a post.

Online Marketing Beyond Facebook and Twitter

csm1There’s nothing wrong with a strategy that includes blogging, Facebook, and Twitter. But you have other options, too. Email marketing remains a communication tool, especially if you integrate your email marketing with customer relationship management, use analytics, follow up with inactive users, and include social media share buttons.

Use Meerkat and Periscope to incorporate live video when making big announcements, carrying on live conservations, providing information, and covering events. Cloud computing can help you automate processes, SlideShare can help you share content, and LinkedIn Groups are still home to many entrepreneurs. Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit are great ways to attract new people and get a lot of traffic.

Tracking the ROI of Your SEO Content 

csm3In order to measure your content’s real return on investment, you should know how to evaluate analytics. Check your bounce rate. Learn how to use Google Analytics to benchmark your content’s success, and figure out the funnels that users took to your page.

You’ll have to really delve into analytics and learn to evaluate data. You also need to know what analytics are most important for you to evaluate. For example, if you’re getting many shares but no click-throughs, that can be a problem. Use customized tracking links to find out where people are coming from: PPC ads? Searches? Twitter? Now, evaluate and create a new action plan. Repeat.