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[SEO Data] 10 Studies Distilled into Actionable Strategies

SEO Data 10 Studies Distilled Actionable Strategies
One of the best ways to bring forward new ideas is by exploring SEO data, trends, and research. Not only is reading-up on the latest search studies a vital way to stay informed, but it can also offer renewed perspective. In many cases, compelling data can reshape how we think about SEO and what new opportunities we may be missing. So to cut through the clutter of generic SEO roundups and surveys, here are ten pieces of SEO-related data that we’ve distilled into actionable strategies.

SEO Content Strategy: 5 Steps to Growing Traffic & Links Organically

SEO Content Strategy 5 Steps to Growing Traffic Links Organically
Whether for local businesses, online brands, business consultants or service providers - in any context across the board, it’s no secret that content marketing is a powerful tool for SEO. But what defines “SEO content strategy”? Why the hell does everyone still agree that “content is king”...? And why does Joanne in marketing always say “we need to blogging more” at every company meeting?

The Power of Paid Social Media for SEO Purposes

paid social media for seo purposes
The use of paid social media for SEO purposes is nothing new or original. Many search marketers are slaying it by boosting resourceful content to incredibly targeted audiences. In turn, they’re driving more traffic, engagement, and links to their sites - all of which are SEO factors that impact rankings. I wanted to scribe a quick perspective piece underscoring the value in paid social media for SEO. Not only are we starting to do a lot of it here at Captivate, but I believe the “paid social SEO strategy” to be naturally intuitive to most creative and open-minded search marketers.

SEO-Driven Online Reputation Management Strategies

SEO Driven Reputation Management
Both businesses and professionals need to take ownership of the search results that reflect their name, in addition to the products and services they provide. Effective SEO can help to control the search results that impact one’s reputation, helping to optimize the online sentiment surrounding a brand or professional. Explore search first online reputation management strategies that are driven by SEO and other avenues of Internet marketing.

Boost Stagnant SEO With Content-Driven Social Media Strategies

Content Driven Social Media Strategies for Atlanta SEO
There are certain variables that make social media a viable asset to any Atlanta SEO strategy. So how can you can better leverage social media to improve your SEO and keyword rankings? By marrying the art of content marketing and social media, you can dramatically evolve your SEO efforts to new heights.

Captivating News – The Complete Guide to Twitter Strategy

The Complete Guide to Twitter Strategy

csmblog1Make sure Twitter fits into your content strategy. First, set objectives for Twitter marketing – lead generation, building awareness, providing customer support. Decide how Twitter fits into your strategy in terms of traffic, conversions and sales. Identify your target market by looking at hashtags, following and engaging, and searching for keywords.

Find the best times to tweet. Use tools like SocialBro, Hootsuite Autoschedule and Tweriod to determine this. Get content ideas by monitoring industry hashtags, see what your network is sharing, and look at the questions your audience is asking. Monitor the competition. Choose what you share, and make sure it’s a variety of text, photos, videos, slideshares, and links. Promote.

Understanding Brand and Persona for Social Media

csm3To stand out, a brand must connect. Build a brand persona to do that – it humanizes your brand and makes it more likeable. If your brand were a person, what would it be like and how would it use social media? You must communicate like a friend, not advertise. 

Do your research. Find out who your audience is.

Select your network based on where your audience is, and personify your brand. Remember the personality you want your brand to exhibit. Choose a color scheme, find 2-5 fonts that represent your brand, use slogans and hashtags, and create campaigns with their own sub-branding. Use images and a logo.

Post Smart

csm2Timing is often everything in social media. For Twitter, ideal posting times are1-3 p.m. For Facebook, 1-4 p.m. Tumbler people get on from 7-10 p.m., and Instagram works best between 5-6 p.m. Pinterest appeals to people between 8-11 p.m.

Posting dead zones for Facebook and Instagram take place from 12-8 a.m., while Twitter is dead from 8 p.m.-8 a.m. LinkedIn doesn’t have much going on from 9 a.m.-5 p.m., and Tumblr is dead from midnight to noon. Pinterest’s dead zones are from 1-7 a.m. and 5-7 p.m. You need to catch people during their downtime, but remember your audience may not adhere to these guidelines.

Captivating News – Increasing Millennial Engagement With Your Content Strategy

Increasing Millennial Engagement With Your Content Strategy

csm1The modern day social scene is noisy, and an adaptive content strategy will determine your success. Millennials don’t like promotional content, so tell narrative stories with humor, authenticity, and timeliness. If they like the brand’s mission and values, they’ll engage.

Millennials like video content because they’re easy to consume and relatable. They’re more likely to buy a product recommended by a YouTube star versus a TV star. Also, mobile is one of their top sources for media consumption, so make sure to optimize your assets for each platform – and include vertical videos if you’re targeting Snapchat users.

Getting Testimonials and Reviews for Your Website

csm2When a potential customer encounters your site for the first time, you need to offer your product or service, make sure your pages are responsive, and encourage online reviews and testimonials. Online reputation is key.

Make your current customers happy; you want feedback from real users. Don’t neglect your Facebook page. Provide incentives to those who review and buy. Make the process simple. Also, collaborate with YouTubers. This is one of the most valuable times of online publicity you can get. Also, ask them to record video reviews. You may get negative feedback, but don’t be discouraged – turn the situation to your benefit and get people talking.

Snapchat Tricks and Tips

csm3Snapchat was recently ranked the third most popular app among millennials, so add it. It works a bit differently, so strategizing may take time. You need creativity and on-the-spot thinking. Snapchat offers some secret functions that will put you on the cutting edge.

Learn from people who do it well. Tell a visual story. Make sure you know how to use the filters. Change your text and draw with new colors. Use the ghost adding feature – point your camera at the ghost icon, which works as a QR code to add friends. Enable replay or front-facing flash, add music to your snaps, live video chat, and tap your story to find out who has viewed your snap.