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How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads

How Medical Practices Can Stay Compliant with Google Ads
If you're already using Google Ads for a medical practice, then perhaps you've seen your ads disapproved before. Or worse, your Google Ads account has been banned entirely. This all too common scenario is typically due to a lack of awareness surrounding Google's latest advertising policies, which can sometimes be confusing to fully grasp.

How to Optimize Your Site for SEO Performance

Optimize Website for SEO Performance
What makes a website perform from an SEO perspective? It’s a dynamic mix of content, user-experience, and web development. Strategic SEO needs the entire web industry – from writers and marketers, to developers and designers. Here are some SEO optimization strategies you need to adopt to ensure that your site is performing to the highest possible SEO standard.

Captivating News – Marketing Metrics That Need to Die

Marketing Metrics That Need to Die

csm1Some metrics may be doing your campaigns more harm than good. Facebook Likes are pointless because organic Facebook reach for Pages is at almost zero. Display Ad impressions don’t give a clue about how many people actually viewed your ad. Keyword rankings aren’t useful because of personalization, geo-location, and changes in the search algorithm.

The notion of segmenting referred, direct, and organic traffic for performance indication is silly today; you can’t count on these numbers. Also, don’t worry about PageRank or Google Webmaster Tools. These metrics are irritating, and dangerous because you are giving less attention to metrics that matter.

What Social Search and New Domain Extensions Could Mean for Startups

Today, a hashtag can launch a business, and offers options for regular people as well as big brands. New domain extensions also signal new opportunities and new channels to drive business. Startups and consumers will soon see Internet expansion as a big new thing.

You can use new domain names to be memorable and build out trends, translate into social search language, and anchor web sites to flesh out new concepts. From HavingItAll.Life to FreshFromThe.Farm, you can use these names to resonate in a hashtag-driven social sphere. In this way, natural language replaces the dot-com approach and provides endless opportunity.

Why Content Isn’t a Commodity Anymore

csm2The content game has changed dramatically in a few years – in 2011, content was done for the client, as a hook. Today, we may be in a glory age for content creators and marketers. Premium content is high demand, because it generates a change in the attitudes of a demographic toward a product or brand. The best way to do this is weave a story.

It’s not just about content production, it’s about the user. Storytelling gets the most shares, and the stories cost more. Users invest in content that resonates on a personal level, and we need to show, not tell – and story tell, not sell.