Navicent Health Social Media Case Study

Social Media Case Study: Navicent HealthClient: Navicent Health

Industry: Healthcare


Campaign Type: Social Media Strategy & Management

Project Background

Formerly known as the Medical Center of Central Georgia, Navicent Health is one of Georgia’s premier healthcare service providers. The hospital specializes in a complete spectrum of multidisciplinary health and medical solutions, in addition to having deep ties to its involvement in the community.

Through local support initiatives and university partnerships, Navicent Health has cultivated a reputation for leadership in Georgia’s healthcare system. And while the hospital focuses on what it does best, Captivate was recruited to help optimize and grow Navicent’s social media presence.

The Project Challenge

In essence, Navicent Health needed to actualize a more cohesive and multi-layered social media marketing strategy. This strategy would better educate and engage with the public about healthcare issues, enhance patient access to services, create awareness, manage public relations issues, and help employees extend their network and stay connected with colleagues.

The Strategy

To better strengthen the connection between patients and healthcare providers, Navicent Health came to Captivate to aid in its social media marketing and user engagement efforts. In turn, Captivate developed a robust social media strategy based on overall business goals for the hospital, all while tailoring the strategy to Navicent’s key services and target audiences.

Pivotal components to the hospital’s strategy involved:

  • Analyzing keyword research and hashtag trends to inform the development of an editorial calendar for engaging content
  • Implementing our proven process for efficient community management and the development and curation of engaging content
  • Monthly reporting and analysis to determine key areas for optimization and growth opportunity
  • Using Hootsuite keyword search streams, we are able to see and respond to time-sensitive messages right away
  • Training hospital employees on social media management and how to craft engaging posts on each channel
  • Creating custom imagery and infographics each month that align with the approved editorial calendar
  • Developing a campaign to share patient and employee stories and created a new process for campaign content curation, helped implement the new process at the hospital

The Results

Today, Navicent has experienced tremendous growth and efficiency with its social marketing efforts. Captivate now spearheads the development and management of Navicent’s social media strategy with measurable and highly-targeted precision. This spans across the hospital’s vast presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

Navicent Health Social Media Case Study Results