Amazon SEO Service

When it comes to specialized Amazon SEO services, there’s a reason why some ecommerce brands thrive over others. Profitable Amazon Sellers have the systems in place to generate 5-star reviews, engage with customers, and encourage repeat buyers, all while maximizing their Amazon listing SEO potential.

Amazon’s Internet popularity ranking of according to Alexa’s Global Rank in late 2017 was #11 in the world. That same time, Amazon ranked #5 in the United States, just below colossal domains like Google and Facebook. In turn, this unique search platform offers premium marketing real estate, and savvy sellers are leveraging the power of Amazon SEO to increase product sales and help scale their business.

Our Amazon SEO Service

Amazon SEO ServiceUnlike Google that ranks sites based on external trust factors and user engagement metrics, Amazon uses a sales-driven search algorithm. If you’ve done prior research surrounding Amazon SEO best practice, then you know that conversion rate (or how many sales an Amazon listing is producing based on its traffic) is a fundamental ranking factor.

Any Amazon Seller looking to improve sales can expand its potential with strategic Amazon SEO solutions. From ecommerce startups to blooming local retailers, the provision of SEO for Amazon Sellers is one of the best marketing investments to expand visibility and accelerate growth.

The Atlanta-based experts behind our Amazon SEO service can suggest the most intelligent approach to optimize your product listings for greater search rankings. We offer flexible programs that can help you realize a number of opportunities through Amazon, including:

  • Increasing product rankings and search visibility of your Amazon listings
  • Optimizing your Amazon product listings to improve conversion rates and ranking potential
  • Growing the volume of sales being generated by your Amazon Store
  • Building your list for future follow-ups, email blasts, and review generation
  • Encouraging positive customer reviews and building a 5-star reputation as a trust Amazon Seller

At Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, we utilize a systematic processes behind our Amazon SEO service. Although our system is consistent in its foundation, every project is unique. As such, we apply an adaptive and creative approach to helping Amazon Sellers harness the platform’s most significant ranking factors to their advantage.

Improve Click-Through Rates & Increase Rankings

It’s important to note that several of Amazon’s most influential ranking factors are interrelated. Click- through rate (CTR), or how often Amazon users to click a listing, is a significant ranking factor. A primary variable to CTR is customer reviews, which by volume and rating are also substantial ranking factors in themselves. This common overlap in ranking signals underscores the importance of an integrated Amazon SEO strategy that accounts for reviews, among other elements.

In addition to earning positive customer reviews, improvements can often be made to the content of an Amazon listing. While it may be impossible do better on price, a listing’s product content can usually be polished and expanded to maximize SEO. This may include elaborating on product copy or fine-tuning existing content for smoother delivery. Further, uploading higher quality images and media can strengthen the connection with customers while distinguishing your brand among other related Amazon Sellers offering similar products. This in turn can also help Conversion Rate, the most influential ranking factor in Amazon search.

Amazon Listing SEO: Optimization for Conversions 

There’s no question that price has a tremendous impact on a product’s conversion rate. This is especially true in certain product categories that are both popular and competitive. And some cases, Amazon Sellers just can’t compete with highly-scaled retailers that offer incredibly low prices. Nonetheless, there are strategies that can be implemented beyond Amazon Listing optimization as previously discussed.

Leveling the playing field is customer reviews, the recurring element that enables all Amazon Sellers to rise above. Products with favorable reviews can often see more sales despite not having the lowest price. This is because reviews have become such an important element to customers’ decision making process. Just a handful of elaborate and compelling 5-star reviews can influence a buyer in choosing a given product. In turn, the product’s Amazon listing SEO potential can skyrocket.

Encourage Positive Customer Reviews & Repeat Buyers SEO for Amazon Sellers

So how does an Amazon Seller encourage positive customer reviews? Again it all comes back to having the systems in place to make it happen. The beauty behind these review-generation systems is that they extend beyond just Amazon SEO. They can also support other search marketing objectives as well as improve the credibility and conversion of a brand through its website, Google My Business listing, or Facebook page.

In provision of our Amazon SEO service, the concept of review generation is paramount. We help Amazon Sellers through the post-purchase follow-up phase by offering the platform, email templates, filtering mechanisms, proven copy and incentives that motivate happy customers to leave a 5-star reviews. In fact, we can help ensure that only customers who are likely to leave 5-star reviews are those being targeted to so, minimize the potential for less than perfect reviews. In addition to that, we can help support customer loyalty and repeat buyers, so your Amazon Listings continue to produce sales while bolstering their conversion rates and Amazon SEO rankings.

Efficient, Impactful SEO for Amazon Sellers

When compared expensive banner ads, social ads, and PPC ads, SEO for Amazon Sellers offers an efficient means to increase a listing’s visibility. Don’t waste your marketing dollars on other questionable advertising programs or ecommerce affiliates. See how we can apply highly-dynamic optimization strategies specifically tailored to your Amazon Store. Contact us for free consultation and overview of our Amazon listing SEO services.