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Search First Marketing Solutions for Ecommerce Sites

For all types of retailers, investing in an ecommerce SEO program can profoundly expand your market base and blow-up your web presence. For blooming local retailers and ecommerce startups, SEO services are one of the best ways to experience rapid growth. When compared to sponsorships, social media advertising, and paid search marketing, SEO offers an effective and efficient means to market your products.

Ecommerce SEO Services in Atlanta GA

Don’t waste your marketing dollars on expensive banner advertisements or ecommerce affiliates. Learn more about how to leverage highly-creative, results-driven search marketing strategies with Captivate Search Marketing. Contact us for free consultation and overview of our ecommerce SEO services.

The Value of Ecommerce SEO

No matter your marketing budget, the experts behind our Atlanta SEO company can suggest an intelligent means to invest your marketing dollars online. We offer flexible ecommerce search marketing programs that can help you realize a number of opportunities, including:

  • increasing the visibility and traffic potential of your ecommerce site
  • targeting highly-qualified, in-market search engine users who are actively seeking your products
  • growing your social media follower base and establishing customer loyalty
  • boosting sales and overall revenue potential
  • building your list for email blasts and newsletters
  • earning reviews and cultivating your brand’s online reputation

The Basics of SEO for Ecommerce Sites

At Captivate Search Marketing, we have a systematic processes behind our ecommerce SEO programs. Although our system involves that same fundamental procedures, each program is custom-tailored to the needs of each client. Below we outline some of the basic components behind SEO for ecommerce sites.

On-site SEO Phase

The on-site SEO phase addresses a number of different elements, including a site’s design and HTML, page copy, and general navigation and URL structure. The on-site phase of ecommerce SEO is not only focused on keywords and technical fluidity, but it also considers usability, conversion rate optimization, and structured data markup.

SEO Copywriting for Ecommerce Site

Creative and professional SEO copywriting is vital for ecommerce SEO and writing unique product descriptions. The content of your ecommerce site speaks the voice of your brands. In addition to well-branded web copy, proficient SEO copywriting establishes properly keyword relevancy for search engine crawling and indexing.

Proper keyword inclusion, coupled with creative word choice and descriptive product copy, can have direct impact on how well your website ranks in the organic search results. With Captivate Search Marketing, we staff experienced SEO copywriters that stay abreast the best practices of optimal keyword density while infusing a layer of creativity.

SEO-friendly Ecommerce Web Design

Presenting your products concisely and clearly in a user-friendly manner is paramount to a ecommerce SEO strategy. Call-to-action buttons, navigation links, web forms, and product presentation play a pivotal role in a successful program. Regardless of how much traffic your site gets, if it’s difficult to navigate, your site’s bounce rate will increase (which can hinder your SEO efforts.)

Atlanta Ecommerce SEO Website Design

Incorporating rich media, such as product demonstration videos and customer product reviews, can help to increase the SEO value of your pages. These are all things to consider when designing your ecommerce website.

Integrating Ecommerce SEO Into Content Management Systems

The content management system (CMS) that is used to support your ecommerce website can also impact your SEO and ranking potential. Using a SEO-friendly CMS to manage your ecommerce site can dramatically increase your technical capabilities and overall potential.

  • Search engine friendly CMS platforms provide complete control of the product page titles, meta data, and URLs for proper on-site SEO.
  • Some content management systems offer 100% developer capabilities, offering the ideal solution for ecommerce SEO
  • Technically fluid CMS platforms enable more efficient crawling and indexing by search engines
  • SEO-friendly CMS platforms offers seamless capabilities to upload and optimize new products and manage your online store with greater efficacy

Proper development of your ecommerce website is imperative for the success of your ecommerce SEO campaign. It can often times be the edge an online retailer needs against its competitors.

Off-site SEO Phase

There are many important elements of an off-site ecommerce SEO strategy that contribute to higher rankings. The focus of our ecommerce search marketing services builds credibility and authority in your site, dramatically increasing its overall ranking potential. Much of the off-site SEO phase includes link building and content marketing, in addition to social media marketing and ongoing traffic reporting.

Retailer-Focused Link Building Programs

Link Building for Ecommerce SEOAs with traditional organic SEO campaigns, ecommerce strategies also rely heavily on acquiring relevant, quality backlinks. Link building for ecommerce SEO increases the authority of your website and in turn helps to increase search engine rankings.

Our Atlanta search marketing company specializes in ethical, retailer-focused SEO link building strategies. In addition to building domain authority (linking to homepage,) we also employ deep linking strategies to high-margin product pages, categories, and blog posts that are prioritized “money pages” of your ecommerce site.

SEO-Driven Content Marketing Strategies

One of the best ways to cultivate brand awareness and visibility is to implement a content marketing strategy. Whether via product videos, in-depth review articles, press releases, contests, and other creative ideas, content marketing can dramatically help support SEO.

An ecommerce SEO-driven content marketing strategy can support search engine visibility and expand the online footprint of your brand. Some content marketing strategies can also fuel link popularity, as great content can get linked to naturally. Combined with social media, this is the essence of an SEO-driven content marketing strategy.

Experienced SEO Services for Ecommerce Sites

Here at Captivate Search Marketing, we offer comprehensive and cross-platform SEO services for ecommerce sites. As a full-service Internet marketing provider, we combine a number of different strategies and services, spanning from Google Adwords management to social media marketing. We passionate in provided comprehensive ecommerce SEO services for Atlanta-based retailers.