Window Film Depot: National SEO Case Study

National SEO Case StudyClient:
Window Film Depot

Industry: Window Film & Graphics


Campaign Type: National SEO

Project Background

Window Film Depot (WFD), America’s #1 volume commercial window film installer headquartered in Atlanta, needed a new website that would help improve its organic search visibility and lead acquisition funnel. Captivate applied its Search First® methodology in leveraging keyword data, search trends, and user behavior modeling to build an SEO-friendly website that would help WFD actualize its digital marketing objectives.

The Project Objectives

The objectives behind WFD’s multi-tiered SEO campaign involved:

  • Redesigning the brand’s website to enhance usability, SEO performance, and conversions.
  • Improving organic search visibility and traffic across over 40 different product categories, 6 market segments, and 130 cities in all 50 states.
  • Executing an ongoing content strategy that would help support SEO, social media marketing, and brand positioning.
  • Become a nationally-recognized dealer and installer for 3M™ Window Films, as well as specialized products like DefenseLite™, BulletShield™, and other brands.

The Strategy

Rooted in exhaustive keyword research, trend analysis, competitive review, and search exploration, Captivate leveraged its Search First® Methodology to apply its findings in crafting the following strategic outlook:

  • Organize an SEO-friendly sitemap that would properly target each product category, market segment, and geographic target.
  • Develop a UI and UX framework that facilitated key conversion goals, user engagement, and content optimization for SEO.
  • Integrate technical SEO to leverage structured data markup, responsiveness, and load speed.
  • Define and produce two blog posts per month that focus on search and social audiences, as well as naturally earning links and positioning WFD as a thought leader.
  • Conduct ongoing outreach to build relationships with prominent publishers, influencers, and market leaders who could help amplify and promote WFD’s brand.

The Execution

The WFD campaign was a cohesive, team effort that involved all of Captivate’s skill sets in technical SEO, development, design, copywriting, creative, and strategy. In line with WFD’s strategic direction, the Captivate team executed by:

  • Creating new wireframes, design layouts, and CTA funnels to accommodate WFD’s new SEO and CRO-friendly website, which launched in January of 2019.
  • Applying Search First® keyword mapping exercise to define each pages’ SEO targets and how to best articulate the content on each page in relation to user queries and searcher intent.
  • Writing new page copy and meta data site-wide, catering to both user audiences and SEO objectives.
  • Developing new pages for WFD’s locations, including individual state and city pages to best actualize the project’s local SEO component.
  • Incorporating new imagery and design elements that captured WFD’s image as an industry authority in window film solutions.
  • Producing and publishing evergreen blog content that help further grow WFD’s organic search visibility, backlink profile, and domain authority.
  • Integrating social media marketing and advertising strategies to promote key products of interest on LinkedIn.

National SEO UX Case Study

The Results

  • After launching the new site on January 16, 2019, WFD realized Y/Y performance gains in:
  • Cumulative 2019 Organic search traffic increased by 50.88% vs 2018 (63,727 vs 42,237 users).
  • Organic search traffic showed its strongest growth in Q4, growing 162.33% Y/Y.
  • With the new UX/SEO strategy, the website’s Bounce Rate improved by 42% (41.9% channel wide vs. 72.3% in 2018).
  • Average session duration was up 72%, from 1:16 minutes in 2018 to averaging 2:10 in 2019.

National SEO Organic Traffic Engagement

  • Organic search traffic generated 1,987 Lead Form Conversions, as well as 519 call conversions in 2019 (conversions were not previously tracked prior to WFD engaging Captivate for its new site/SEO).
  • Of the Organic form conversions submitted in 2019, only 14% of the conversions entered the website via the homepage.

National SEO Organic Conversions by Landing Page

  • Of the Top 100 search queries that drove traffic to the WFD website in 2019, only 2 were Window Film Depot branded terms.

National SEO Case Study Growth

  • New referring/backlinking domains increased by +66 domains (up from 152 domains on Jan 1, 2019 to 217 domains on Dec 31, 2019).

National SEO Link Acquisition Growth