ServiceCentral: Global Organic SEO

ServiceCentral Global SEO StrategyClient: ServiceCentral

Industry: Software


Campaign Type: Global Organic SEO

Project Background

ServiceCentral Technologies has developed a cloud-based service management software platform that allows companies to streamline their service and repair operations in one place.

ServiceCentral contracted Captivate Search Marketing to help increase its organic search visibility on a Global scale, as well as to drive more qualified sales leads from organic and paid search channels.

The Project Challenge

ServiceCentral’s software platform is a highly complex product with many moving parts, offering solutions for multiple stakeholders within their potential customer’s organizational workflow. This complexity required Captivate to deeply familiarize itself with each piece of ServiceCentral’s platform and what solutions they provided for stakeholders within the repair/return supply chain. Considering the amount of targeted stakeholders and functionality of the software platform, this presented a major challenge for us to identify the most effective keywords for on-site optimization, and the Adwords build out for ServiceCentral’s digital marketing strategy.

The ROI Focused Solution

Once the Captivate team was brought up to speed on the product and targeted stakeholders, we conducted thorough keyword and competitive research to pinpoint the most relevant key phrases for optimizing the ServiceCentral website.

After finishing the foundational on-site optimization work, Captivate has worked closely with the internal marketing team to execute an extensive content marketing strategy to promote higher visibility, strengthen brand awareness, and increase organic search value.

The types of compelling and relevant content Captivate has developed for ServiceCentral includes blogs, landing pages, PowerPoint presentations, Video, Infographics and Press Releases.

The Results

Since the newly optimized website was launched in April 2015, Captivate has helped ServiceCentral grow its organic search traffic from Google by 102% year over year. The number of qualified leads from demo requests are also up significantly compared to 2014 analytics statistics.

SCT Google Organic year over year

SCT Google Organic Stats