Local SEO Case Study: CurrentPixel.com

Client: Current PixelCurrent Pixel PPC Case Study

Industry: Media & Technology

Website: https://currentpixel.com/

Campaign Type: Local SEO; Organic SEO

Project Background

In conjunction with a PPC advertising program using Google Ads and Bing AdCenter, Current Pixel hired the SEO services of Captivate Search Marketing to help grow its organic search visibility and business as a whole.

While the project was largely focused on search marketing services, the team at Captivate optimized the Current Pixel site for both SEO and CRO. Not only would the site facilitate better usability and lead generation, but a new blog would support Current Pixel’s ongoing content marketing strategy. Combined with a new, SEO-friendy sitemap, engaging copy, and CTAs, Captivate would help set the stage for both short-term and long-term growth.

The Project Challenge

One of Current Pixel’s local SEO challenges was its location in proximity to Atlanta’s city center. Because the company is based near Sandy Springs, Current Pixel struggled to ranking consistently in the Google Local 3 Pack for geo-specific keywords like “video transfer Atlanta” or “VHS to DVD Atlanta.” 

current pixel local 3-pack

While Current Pixel struggles to consistently own the #1 ranking in the local 3 pack, its 5 star customers reviews and solid reputation go a long way in supporting a higher CTR.

Current Pixel offers a wide range of media conversion services that include different formats of video, film, and photos. As such, the spectrum of relevant keywords is vast, encompassing not only various media formats, but also different keyword variations for each format.

For example, one popular video format like VHS has a variety of relevant keywords, like VHS to DVD, VHS to Digital, VHS Transfer, Video Tape Transfer, Convert VHS, and VHS tape conversion, to name just a few.

The complexity of keyword data presented a unique challenge for Captivate in assembling CurrentPixel.com’s new sitemap. It was an exercise of distilling keyword data to help instruct internal pages of the site, while also pinpointing topics better suited for content marketing.

The ROI Focused Solution

As with most comprehensive SEO campaigns, the solution for Current Pixel involved a multi-faceted approach that would include a number of components. Largely instructed by Captivate’s keyword and competitive analyses, the first major cornerstone was a website optimized for both SEO and CRO.

The on-site SEO component would entail solving the sitemap puzzle for Current Pixel and how content could be best organized on the site. This involved the creation of several new format-specific pages to cover each media type, as well as SEO copywriting provided internally by Captivate’s team.

current pixel call to action

Other on-site objectives would focus on CRO and design elements, like testing different types of CTAs to improve lead generation. Additionally, Captivate would lead the content marketing strategy behind Current Pixel’s blog. The latter component would also be instructed by keyword data and targeting popular long-tail queries that Current Pixel is working to solve.

As for off-site activities, Captivate would manage Current Pixel’s Google My Business page, citation profile, and link acquisition efforts. Citation clean-up and link building proved be pivotal elements to the SEO strategy, helping to ensure Current Pixel’s presence in the Local 3 Pack, as well as cultivating greater domain authority to rank exceptionally well in the organic search results.

local seo case study of current pixel q4

Comparing conversion metrics of Q4, Current Pixel’s peak season, of when we started in 2016 to Q4 of 2018, two years later.

Lastly, Captivate’s ongoing reporting and Analytics management offered actionable insights each month to continuously grow and evolve the SEO program. Such insights enabled Captivate to better optimize aspects of Current Pixel’s conversion funnel, while helping to fill gaps in areas that needed improvement.

The Results

In a Year-over-Year summary comparing 2017 with 2018’s performance, Captivate Search Marketing was able to help Current Pixel:

  • More than double the volume of organic traffic by 119% (12,678 vs 5,771 organic users)
  • Increase the total number of organic conversions by 98%, going from 316 conversion in 2017 to 626 in 2018.
  • Grow both local and national keyword rankings, including 9 new entries in the top 3 and 22 new entries in the top 10.
  • Improve the site’s bounce rate by almost 95% for organic visitors.
  • More than double the site’s volume of referring domains and overall backlinks.
  • Fix over 40 inaccurate citations and build over 200 new listings to support 3 pack rankings.

current pixel organic traffic

Much of Current Pixel’s success with SEO has been a result of the site’s ability to rank well for competitive keywords on a national scale (non-Atlanta specific queries). Not are a number of Current Pixel’s inside pages ranking for national keywords, but even some of the blog posts are generating a high volume of organic traffic and conversions. (Note that this growth in non-local traffic contributed to the site’s drop in conversion rate.)

current pixel national rankings

Current Pixel’s content marketing strategy continues to be a success on many fronts. Some pieces of content are showing up in the search results as featured snippets, as in the case of the blog post below about the average lifespan of VHS tapes.

current pixel featured snippet

Also a testament to Current Pixel’s SEO-driven content marketing strategy is a steady increase in backlinks coming to the site. While many of these links are the result of Captivate’s link prospecting and outreach efforts, some backlinks have been earned naturally as a result of positioning Current Pixel as a thought leader in its industry.

current pixel backlinks

Current Pixel continues to grow its organic search visibility and keyword rankings, as the site now occupies a number of top 5 placements for competitive national keywords. Moving forward into 2019, Captivate hopes to work with Current Pixel in developing an ecommerce platform so that visitors can leverage an online shopping experience like that of Legacybox and other major players in the industry.

Local SEO Case Study: Current Pixel