Local PPC Advertisting in Atlanta

Locally Focused PPC Campaigns

Local PPC Advertisting in Atlanta GAWhy invest in Local PPC Advertising? For small companies that do business locally here in Atlanta, there’s no other online marketing strategy that can have such an immediate and significant ROI impact than a local PPC campaign.

At Captivate Search Marketing, our Pay Per Click team has years of experience developing Google Adwords campaigns on both local and national scales. We optimize our customers’ Local PPC advertising campaigns with an eagle-eyed focus on providing the maximum amount of exposure for our clients while eliminating wasted PPC spend.

How do we do this? By targeting only the most qualified searchers from both a keyword and geographic location standpoint. This high rate of targeting makes local PPC advertising an incredibly powerful lead generation tool that provides our clients with incredible ROI on their ad spend.

Highly Targeted Local PPC Advertising Campaigns

One of Google Adwords’ most powerful features is having the ability to target only the most qualified local users in your area with geographic targeting on a Zip Code, Mile Radius, or City Targeting Level.

Local PPC Targeting

This powerful geo-targeting ensures we’re only serving up your Local PPC Ads to the most relevant local consumers.

Local PPC & Mobile Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

Mobile PPC for Local PPC AdvertisingEnhancing your Local PPC Advertising strategy with a mobile marketing initiative is a total game-changer for local small businesses.

Over half of all searches done on mobile phones are done with a local intent.

With so many users who are looking for Local Services on their mobile devices, a mobile PPC campaign focused on local consumers provides an incredible opportunity for small businesses.

See an Immediate Impact with Local PPC

Unlike traditional local SEO strategies that take time to produce results, Local PPC campaigns can have an immediate impact on your website’s traffic and lead generation because once your campaigns have been configured, in most cases you’re immediately in the mix bidding for keywords and getting your ads in front of targeted consumers.

If you’re interested in targeting local consumers with Google Adwords advertising, reach out to the PPC experts at Captivate Search Marketing today for a free consultation!