PPC for Medical Practice Case Study

Organic SEO Case Study: WIFH.comClient: WIFH

Industry: Healthcare

Website: https://www.wifh.com

Campaign Type: PPC Campaign Optimization & Management

Project Background

A Captivate client since 2011, the Women’s Institute for Health (WIFH) is Atlanta’s leading med spa and laser aesthetics practice.

In addition to laser hair removal, Smartlipo, SculpSure, and miraDry, WIFH and Dr. Jay Kulkin provide a variety of skin care and med spa services. WIFH first came to Captivate with a Google emergency after a new website development project removed all SEO value from its website.

Today, Captivate is WIFH’s digital agency of record, providing support for organic and paid search, website design, hosting, and maintenance, as well as graphic design support for social media and email marketing campaigns.

The Project Challenge

Managing paid search campaigns for medical practices on Google comes with several inherent compliance challenges even before the overall health of the paid search account is even taken into consideration. Some of the key compliance issues facing medical practices who advertise on Google include:

  • avoiding misleading claims/guarantees in both ad copy and landing page content
  • not using any restricted drug terms or medical content such as botox or fast weight loss
  • providing medical disclaimers on before/after pictures and patient testimonials

Failure to adhere to these compliance standards can result in disapproved ads or even a ban on the account.

Aside from compliance advertising issues, a significant challenge with any successful PPC advertising campaign usually comes from how the campaigns themselves are structured and organized (i.e. number of campaigns, Adgroups, etc.) as well as the Keyword Match Types, selecting the right Destination URLs, and having the right content to point users to once they click on your ad.

The WIFH Google Ads account needed a complete rebuild complete with targeted Campaigns and Adgroups, precision changes to the keyword match types and geographic targeting, as well as new enticing A/B Split tested Ad copy for each Adgroup.

The ROI Focused Solution

With the state of the existing campaigns in disarray, the strategy chosen by our PPC optimization experts was to overhaul the account entirely, creating more focused Campaigns, Adgroups, and Keywords. This strategy, combined with ongoing daily account management proved to be a huge success for WIFH, as they saw major increases in campaign performance metrics including Clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), Average Position, and Quality Score. This, combined with implementing a lead capturing mechanism on each and every landing page for our PPC campaign, led to a massive increase in the amount of web lead generation.

The Results

By implementing our strategy and continuing to optimize daily, Captivate has made considerable performance improvements with the WIFH paid search campaigns. In 2018, Captivate produced over 500,000 ad impressions, an 18% increase over 2017, and nearly 27,000 clicks — a 34% increase year-over-year.

PPC for Medical Practices Case Study (Impressions vs Clicks)

2018 vs 2017 (Impressions vs Clicks)

The end result was 1,336 lead conversions from Google Ads, a significant increase over the 814 lead conversions achieved in 2017. Captivate was also able to decrease Cost Per Acquisition from $98 in 2017 to just $50 in 2018 a substantial 49% decrease in CPA.

Healthcare PPC Case Study (Cost Per Acquisition)

2018 vs 2017 (Cost Per Acquisition)

With all of the success Captivate was able to achieve for WIFH in 2018, the most important metric to highlight is our team did it with 14% less click spend as compared to 2017.

Google Ads for Healthcare Case Study