Local PPC Case Study: WIFH.com

Organic SEO Case Study: WIFH.comClient: WIFH

Industry: Healthcare

Website: http://www.wifh.com

Campaign Type: PPC Campaign Optimization & Management

Project Background

As part of a high impact Inbound marketing strategy, Captivate Search Marketing provided both PPC campaign optimization and management, as well as ongoing organic SEO services for WIFH.com. WIFH engaged our PPC and SEO team in March 2013 to help revive its ailing search marketing programs.

The Project Challenge

The most significant challenge with any successful PPC advertising campaign usually comes from how the campaigns themselves are structured and organized (i.e. number of campaigns, Adgroups, etc.) as well as the Keyword Match Types, selecting the right Destination URLs, and having the right content to point users to once they click on your ad. The WIFH Adwords campaign needed a complete rebuild complete with targeted Campaigns and Adgroups, precision changes to the keyword match types and geographic targeting, as well as new enticing A/B Split tested Ad copy for each Adgroup.

The ROI Focused Solution

With the state of the existing campaigns in disarray, the strategy chosen by our PPC optimization experts was to overhaul the account entirely, creating much more focused Campaigns, Adgroups, and Keywords. This strategy was a huge success for WIFH, as they saw major increases in campaign performance metrics including Clicks, Click Through Rate (CTR), Average Position, and Quality Score. This, combined with implementing a lead capturing mechanism on each and every landing page for our PPC campaign, led to a massive increase in the amount of web lead generation.

The Results

Consistently High Performing CTRs

WIFH PPC Case Study

Because we utilized textbook PPC Campaign split testing analysis, we were able to keep high performing campaign Click Through Rates (CTRs) better than 15%, even with dips in impressions due to the seasonal nature of the business.

High Average Position for Maximum Exposure

PPC Campaign Optimization Services

High average positions have led to higher visibility in the search results, and an influx of qualified search traffic to the WIFH website.

Lower Average Cost Per Click

Local PPC Case Study: Lower CPCs

Our ongoing PPC management services have led to a decrease in Average CPC better than 3% since April 2013.