Organic SEO Tips

Best Practices for Organic SEO of Your Website

Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerful form of Internet marketing that can greatly increase the visibility of your website in the organic search results. This web page highlights many useful organic SEO tips that our organic SEO experts utilize on a daily basis in order to help promote our clients’ websites in the organic results.

Organic SEO TipsOur organic SEO company is well-adept in the best practices of organic SEO for both on-site and off-site strategies. We’re happy to share with you below some of the best white hat organic SEO tips that will help improve your website’s rankings and your organic search marketing ROI for the long haul.

On-Site Organic SEO Tips

On-site organic SEO tips are strategies that you can use on your website to make it more relevant and search engine friendly. These organic search engine optimization tips are in place to help develop more trust for your website with the search engines on your targeted keyword phrases, as well as increase the chances of converting site visitors into loyal customers. These organic SEO tips can also help you determine which search engine optimization company that is best suited to help you reach your goals for organic search domination.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips: SEO Copywriting Strategies

High quality SEO copywriting is a critically important element in a successful organic SEO strategy. After conducting exhaustive keyword analysis, SEO copywriters should utilize best practices in organic SEO to help promote optimal on-site optimization.

Organic SEO Copywriting for Organic SEO TipsOne of the most important organic search engine optimization tips we can stress for SEO copywriting is to structure page content on a topical basis. Each web page should be primarily focused on one topic and one primary keyword to optimize for, with the option of including tightly-related variations of that keyword in the process. Focused web pages tend to be more relevant to the search engines and in turn tend to rank higher in the organic search results.

Now that you know that each web page should be dedicated to one specific topic, there are multiple on-site optimization strategies that a knowledgeable SEO copywriter should use in order to increase the overall value of the page content.

The following organic SEO tips involve properly structuring web content for maximum SEO value. SEO copywriters should:

  • Organic SEO Tips: Meta TitleStructure each page’s Meta Title tag to be unique and should include the primary keyword target(s) toward the beginning of the title tag
  • The targeted keywords should also be included in each page’s Meta Description tag
  • HTML Header tags (H1, H2, H3) should also include your primary and secondary keyword targets
  • Your targeted keywords should be utilized naturally throughout the copy of the entire web page. Don’t keyword stuff – if it reads well, you’re probably good.
  • Utilize strong and em tags to emphasize important keywords on your page so that the search engines know that the words that are assigned these tags are more important than other words on your web page.

It’s important that your web content is well-written and well-optimized for both search engines and site visitors. You’re playing to two audiences – the search engines that rank the relevance of your website, and the users who you have to convince to do business with you.

Organic SEO Tips: Utilize Logical Internal Cross Linking

One of the organic SEO tips that gets overlooked more often than not is the logical use of internal cross linking to other web pages on your site. Knowing which pages should be linked together should be a logical – and topical – decision to make. If you have a set of web pages that discuss closely related topics, it is beneficial for both users and search engine spiders to have these pages linked together. Internal cross linking makes getting relevant information easier for the users and allows search engine spiders to crawl and index your website more efficiently.

This on-site optimization tip for organic SEO can often lead to a “double stack” result for your website in the organic search results. Double stacking is literally two web pages on your website that show up for the same search term. In the image below, we see an example of how internal cross linking can even lead to a “triple stack” search result.

Organic SEO Tips: Triple Stack

When utilizing this organic SEO tip, be sure to further optimize your website for greater rankings by linking up your web pages with well placed keyword-optimized anchor text. For example, if you have a web page that discusses SEO in Atlanta and another that discusses Local SEO, it would be wise to moderately utilize those targeted keyword phrases as anchor text for your links.

Optimize Your Website’s Sitemap for Organic SEO Benefits

Aside from your website’s homepage, the sitemap is another critically important page on your website and can have a significant impact on your organic SEO success. The sitemap is like the table of contents for your website. It contains links to every web page on your site and when it’s well-optimized, it can help boost the keyword relevancy of your site.

This organic SEO tip gives you some insights on how you can optimize your website’s sitemap to gain greater relevancy and better organic rankings.

  • When optimizing your sitemap, take in consideration these on-site optimization techniques:
  • At the top of the page, under the H1 tag, write a paragraph or two that discusses what your website is about and the content that users should expect to find
  • Be sure that your sitemap includes pertinent contact information for your business including telephone number, address and email
  • Another website optimization tip for organic SEO benefits is to organize your site links into related segments that have a header explaining what the relationship is between the set of pages
  • Continue to build onto your site and adding new pages to your sitemap. This helps keep your website fresh and loaded with relevant, search engine friendly content

Off-site Organic SEO Tips

Offsite Organic SEO TIpsNow that you know some organic SEO tips about on-site optimization, we’ll now discuss some key strategies that you can do off-site.

Off-site optimization has proven itself as a powerful means of boosting website rankings. When you participate in off-site optimization strategies, you’re working toward building higher trust and authority for your website with the search engines. At the core of off-site optimization strategies is SEO link building. There is an art to SEO link building, however, as not all links are valued the same way.

There are two different types of links – follow and nofollow. Links that have the nofollow tag applied to them tell the search engine spiders not to use this link to factor into how well a site should rank. Follow links are the exact opposite. Now, you might be asking yourself, “Why would I ever want to use a nofollow link?”

Earlier in 2012, Google released major updates to its search algorithm that penalized websites that had a “spammy” back link profile. These websites published thousands of follow links on non-reputable websites so that they could achieve better rankings in the search results. After Google caught on, it released the Panda and Penguin updates, which plummeted these websites from the search index.

With this in mind it’s very important for your website to have a quality, natural back linking profile that has a mixture of both high-authority follow links, as well as a mix of nofollow links. This white hat SEO practice will prevent you from getting bumped by Google’s “over optimization” penalty.

It’s also important to mix up the optimized anchor text for your links that are pointing to your web pages. Too many of the same anchor text links can also get you penalized for over optimization. For example, if you’re optimizing for “Atlanta SEO Company” you don’t always want to use that phrase for your anchor text. You might also use “SEO companies in Atlanta,” or “Search Engine Optimization in Atlanta.”

Below we go into more depth on off-site organic SEO tips for SEO link building and content marketing strategies.

Off-Site Organic SEO Tips: SEO Link Building Techniques

Link Building Organic SEO TipsAs stated above, having a diverse link profile with a mixture of anchor text is essential to achieving top rankings. With this in mind, here are some of the top SEO link building strategies that you can use in your organic SEO campaign:

  • Utilize your main keyword anchor text to link to your optimized web pages (i.e. “Atlanta SEO Company)
  • Utilize partial keyword linking to point to your optimized web pages (i.e. Atlanta SEO)
  • Utilize a keyword variation of your main targeted keyword phrase (i.e. SEO companies in Atlanta)
  • Simply link your domain name to your optimized web page (i.e.

It’s also important for your links to come from contextually relevant sources. If you’re trying to rank well for keywords related to “Chess Boards,” it would behoove you to obtain links from websites related to chess.

Link building is one of the best organic SEO tips for developing higher rankings, but it must be done in the proper manner to ensure that you don’t get penalized or don’t live up to the SEO potential of your website.

Organic SEO Tips for Marketing Your Content

The last of our organic SEO tips for off-site optimization is content marketing. Content marketing serves a dual role for your company in that it promotes link building back to your website, but also increases brand impressions and your overall online footprint.

There are several ways to capitalize on content marketing as a viable boost to your organic search engine marketing strategy. Some of avenues of content marketing are:

  • Article marketing and distribution to sites like Ezine, Go Articles and Squidoo
  • Publishing an off-site blog to build relevant backlinks to your website and to increase your online footprint
  • Video optimization and marketing on websites like YouTube, Social Cam and Vimeo

By distributing all of this quality content to various web outlets, you’re building more and more trust as an authoritative source for your target topics. This authority is crucial in achieving your organic search engine optimization goals and this is one organic SEO tip that can help get you there.

Effective Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

We sincerely hope that by reading this article, you’ve identified some organic SEO tips that you’ll be able to utilize on your website to help boost your online visibility. It’s important to understand that search engines are constantly evolving and making tweaks in an effort to improve the value of their organic search results. Be sure that you take these tips and make the strides that are necessary to stay well-optimized and in the good graces of the search gods.

Stay on top of the latest in search engine optimization news and any updates that are made to the search algorithms. If you don’t you can find yourself plummeting in the results and scrambling to make the adjustments necessary to gain your rankings back.

Feel free to contact us today if you have any questions regarding any of our organic SEO tips or services.