Atlanta Internet Marketing: A Search First™ Approach

At Captivate Search Marketing, we use a Search First approach to our Internet marketing services in Atlanta. In the grand scheme of marketing and advertising, search is the most effective medium to grow a business.

Look at this way: individuals are actively searching Google for the specific products/services that your business offers.

If your company owns top rankings on keywords that reflect your its products/services, the search traffic coming to your site is highly in-market. That is, the people coming to your site from search are are more likely to convert (call you, submit a contact form, sign-up, buy something, etc.)

For this reason, we center our Atlanta Internet marketing services on a search first approach. We believe in this so much that we trademarked our tagline: it starts with search.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Services

So what does the search first philosophy mean in terms of Internet marketing?

In addition to achieving higher search rankings, below are few primary areas of our business where we creatively and strategically infuse aspects of SEO and the search first approach.

Web Design & Usability Strategy

Applying the search first mindset to web design and usability helps establish the vital building blocks to successful SEO and Internet marketing strategy. And there are many ways to achieve this, such as:

  • ensuring a site’s navigation and structure is intuitive and properly mapped for optimal keyword relevancy, search engine crawling and indexing.
  • making use of optimized rich media and graphics (to promote greater levels of engagement and time on site, which are both search engine ranking factors.)
  • coding the site to be technically fluid, in addition to leveraging SEO-friendly HTML and structured data markup.
  • optimizing the site’s UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) to improve engagement and increase conversions.
  • linking relevant pages, utilizing sitemaps, and enhancing a site’s overall crawlability.
  • leveraging SEO copywriting, CTAs, and other frontend page elements to facilitate user conversion paths.

As you can see, there’s far more to web design and usability than beautification and aesthetics. As part of our company’s Internet marketing services, we assess these considerations and make actionable suggestions to improve our client’s websites.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Establishing and maintaining an active presence on social media platforms is now an essential component to any Internet marketing program. Such platforms can dramatically fuel SEO, and as such, the search first approach can be applied by:

  • building each social media profile to include keywords where applicable. For example, a Pinterest page’s URL and pinboards can be made keyword relevant, significantly boosting SEO value.

Pinterest SEO via URL keyword optimization

  • auditing and fixing citation information (business name, address, phone number information) on social profiles to optimize for local SEO (Google Maps listings.)
  • networking and establishing connections for guest blogging, link acquisition, and other SEO related opportunities.
  • advertising, promoting, and boosting posts of optimized content to reach new audiences and increase the potential of earning social signals and links.

When it comes to a cohesive SEO strategy, our Atlanta Internet marketing company combines these social media marketing strategies in conjunction with content marketing. We’ve experienced incredible efficacy at increasing our clients’ overall visibility and site traffic (the latter of which is also a search engine ranking factor.)

Content Marketing Strategy

Perhaps the most pivotal component to Internet marketing that qualifies the search first approach is content marketing. Developing articles, blog posts, press releases, videos, infographics, memes, and other engaging content (with SEO in mind) has essentially become best practice. The essence to actualizing success not only considers the incorporation of keywords, but also searcher intent and creating valuable content that has purpose.

Search First Content Marketing-seo

Some criminal defense attorneys in Georgia understand the power behind search first content marketing strategies. #MrAtlantaduilawyer gets it.

vegan protein powder reviews plant based

Pinterest is an underutilized social media advertising platform that can help increase the visibility of your keyword-optimized content.

In a Search First content marketing endeavor, we analyze a client’s keyword list to pinpoint long-tail phrases (often question-oriented queries) to devise content strategies that provide meaningful and purposeful solutions. This may also include analyzing seasonality and scheduling content for specific times of the year.

For example, a popular long-tail phrase like “what are the best vegan protein powder for weight loss” gets significant search volume and thus offers a great opportunity for SEO-infused content marketing. Based on our research, this phrase is searched almost twice as much in January compared to August.

As a result, we may write an in-depth review on various plant-based protein powders that have weight loss qualities (perhaps include an infographic or video), and schedule to publish the article in December. Further, we might try promoting the article on Facebook and Pinterest to help increase its exposure. You get the idea?

Investing in Search First Internet Marketing

It’s almost difficult to pursue specific areas of Internet marketing exclusively (without feeling negligent or laze.) The opportunities and compounding capabilities are just too great not bring cohesion in strategies surrounding search marketing, web design, usability, content marketing and social media. At Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, we can help you actualize a search first Internet marketing program with a cross-platform approach that generates results and grows your business. For more information, contact us for a free consult.