Three A’s of Keeping Your SEO Company Local

Three A's of Keeping Your SEO Company Local

As with any industry, the search engine optimization industry has a wide range of service providers that include small, local SEO companies to large national agencies.

While each of these SEO companies offer the same core services of organic SEO, PPC management, social media, reputation management, web design, etc., there are many differences between the small local firm and a large, national SEO company. Most of these differences stem from a budget, understanding and customer service standpoint.

If your company is searching for an SEO company and are tempted to go with one of the large, national search engine optimization providers, below we outline the 3 A’s (Affordability, Accountability, Authority) of keeping your SEO company local instead.


Large SEO companies are big for a reason – they’ve typically acquired a list of high-profile, national brand type clients with deep pockets. Because of the caliber of client they cater to, if your business isn’t one of those large corporations with a five figure monthly budget, it’s likely that large SEO firm isn’t a good fit for your expectations.

Small local SEO companies provide exceptional value and affordability with their SEO services. Small firms don’t have as many employees to pay nor expenses that weigh heavily on their operating costs, so they are able to provide an exceptional level of service for a fraction of the cost of a large SEO firm.


Customer service is another huge difference that is easy to spot between large SEO firms and small local SEO companies. As a consumer, from insurance providers to cable companies and mega banks, you probably have experience dealing with large corporations and their frustrating lack of customer service. When dealing with these type of large companies, it’s easy to feel like you’re just a number – another revenue source – rather than a valued customer.

When it comes to SEO companies, small local providers offer a greater level of accountability over large national firms. If they’re a local business, they could be just around the corner from where you operate, or are at least within a 30 minute drive from you. This proximity offers greater accountability because it allows more face-to-face interaction, rather than dealing with a large national SEO provider several hundred miles away from where you call home.

Better accountability also comes into play because of the personal level of care that you receive from a small local SEO company that is committed to producing results and delivering high levels of client satisfaction.


Another factor to keep in mind when making the decision to choose between a local SEO provider and a large national firm is the authority that the local company can offer when it come to understanding your target audience.

If you’re a sporting goods store located in Atlanta, Georgia, and you’re looking to attract more customers from the metro Atlanta, does it make sense to hire a large SEO firm located in New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago that knows nothing about what consumers in the southeastern United States and metro Atlanta value in a brand, product, or service? Of course not!

If your company does business in a local area and is trying to attract more local customers, it makes far more sense to use an SEO company in your local area that is authoritative on your local market, over a large firm on the other side of the country.

If you’re in the process of choosing an SEO company, keep in mind the three A’s of keeping your SEO local!